My research focuses on multiple factors that impact capability building and organisational performance in firms from emerging economies.

I primarily analyse the role of market dynamism, organizational strategies, capabilities, innovation and research and development (R&D). I study these factors in different industries such as telecommunications, automotive, textiles, white goods, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and jet fighters.

I am an expert on Turkish firms and on learning firms’ technological, managerial and organisational capabilities in Brazil, India and China.

Research areas

  1. Innovation capability building in firms from emerging economies: firms, states and institutions
  2. Innovation capability renewal in firms that are established market leaders
  3. Competitive strategy and internationalization of firms from emerging economies 

Countries of expertise

Research Projects

Current research projects

  • Organizational Innovation for Digital Transformation, the project is supported by Vinnova
  • Competition, collegiality and integrity: A study on norms and scientific ethics at Swedish universities, the project is supported by Forte
  • Rapid innovators in emerging economies”, the project is supported by Swedish Vinnova
  • Micro and macro foundation of capability building in emerging economies’ firms & institutions

Past research projects

  • Innovating firms in emerging economies - a challenge for Swedish technology-based firms and innovation research” the project is supported by Swedish Vinnova
  • “Behavior of Festival Visitors in Institutional Festivals: Case on Çukurova University” supported by Çukurova University Research Center
  • “Effects of Strategy and Industry on Firm Performance: An Examination on Turkish Leading Manufacturing Companies” supported by Çukurova University Research Center
  • Trust and organization behavior on jab satisfaction and organization commitment, supported by Çukurova University Research Center


PhD Courses 

  • Innovation Management (2017, 2019)
  • Innovation in Emerging Economies (2014)
  • Classics in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2016, 2018, 2020) 
  • Case study Methodology and Writing (2015) 

Master courses

  • TEIO07 Project Based Organization 
  • TEIO41 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • TEIO13 Leadership and Organizational Change 
  • TEIO90 Innovation Management

Undergraduate Course

  • TEIO32 Project Management and Organization
  • Tourism Management 
  • Event and Project Management

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International commitments

  • The chief editor  of Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research
  • Member of EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies)

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