I primarily analyze the role of technology-, industry-, and market-dynamics in organizational strategies, capabilities, innovation and R&D. Those dynamics have formed my current research in digital business transformation, the integration of digital technologies, data driven innovation, and AI into all areas of businesses. Such integrations will fundamentally change how leading and established businesses operate, create, and deliver value to customers.

Brief facts

International commitments

  • The chief editor  of Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research
  • Member of EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies)

Social media


Currently I lead three research projects related to digital business transformations and push the scientific knowledge boundaries forward

Research areas

  1. Digital and data-driven innovation capability building in Swedish leading and established businesses
  2.  Digital and data-driven strategies in Swedish leading and established businesses
  3. Organizational innovations for future AI and data-driven solution businesses in the value chains.
  4. Responsible academia and sustainable data-driven business and organization transformation for effective societies to meet the grand challenges.  

Research Projects

Current research projects

  • Intended and Realized Digitalization & AI Strategies at Swedish Incumbents (2021-2023): Forthcoming
  • The future of event and meeting industry after COVID-19 for transport effective society (Energimyndigheten 2021-2025): 5,65 million SEK
  • Organizational Innovation for Digital Transformation (Vinnova 2019-2021): 2,5 million SEK
  • Competition, collegiality and integrity: A study on norms and scientific ethics at Swedish universities (Forte 2019-2022), 4 million SEK
  • Rapid innovators in emerging economies (Vinnova 2014-2017): 5,5 million SEK + (Brazilian CPNq 2015-2022): 0,45 million SEK [PhD scholarship]
  • Innovating firms in emerging economies - a challenge for Swedish technology-based firms and innovation research (Vinnova 2013): 1 million SEK







PhD Courses 

  • Classics in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2016, 2018, 20202022) 
  • Innovation Management (2017, 2019)
  • Innovation in Emerging Economies (2014)
  • Case study Methodology and Writing (seminar leader, 2015) 
  • Qualitative Research Method (seminar leader, 2021)
  • Research Ethics (since 2017)
Master courses
  • TEIO07 Project Based Organization (since 2020)
  • TEIO41 Corporate Social Responsibility (since 2016)
  • TEIO13 Leadership and Organizational Change (2013-2019)
  • TEIO90 Innovation Management (2012, 2018-2021)
Undergraduate Course
  • TEIO32 Project Management and Organization (2015-2019; since 2022)
  • ETES01 Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Swedish Context (2017-2019; Since 2022)
Undergraduate Course
  • 1043TR Information, kommunikation & teknik i turismaffärsverksamhet (Smart, Responsible & Sustainable Business Model Innovation) (since 2016)
  • Tourism Management (since 2012-2014)
  • Event and Project Management (2012-2014)