Research, teaching and leadership

Staffan Brege has worked more than thirty years as a researcher and consultant on issues related to business-to-business marketing and business development.

Professor Brege has a research interest mainly focused upon the areas of business-to-business marketing and business development, including topics such as relationship marketing, value added strategies, industrial services, outsourcing and functional sales. Other research interests include supplier strategies in the automotive industry, supply chain strategies, public purchasing and SME-strategies.

He is currently the director of the Centre for Strategy and Business Development and is also deeply involved in the research of the Lean Wood Engineering (a national competence platform) and CAM (Center for Applied Management for small and medium sized companies). He is the course responsible for two courses in strategy and industrial marketing.

Professor Brege is the author of some ten books and externally published reports and some 50 articles in refereed journals and books. He also works as a consultant in strategy and marketing and is at the moment an external member of five company boards, among them as a chairman of Almi Företagspartner Östgötland.

Academic leadership

During the 1990´s professor Brege was heavily involved in academic leadership, as the head of the Department of Management and Economics (1990-93) and as the program director of the International Graduate School of Management and Industrial Engineering (IMIE, 1995-2000).

Professor Brege has been the main supervisor of 9 PhDs and 14 licentiates (5 of them continuing to PhD). He has on numerous occasions acted as an opponent, as a member of grading committees, as a member of evaluation groups for academic positions and research financing, and also as a reviewer for academic journals.

Academic career

1994-           Professor of Industrial Marketing at Linköping University, Sweden
 2003-           Head of the division of Industrial Marketing (and Industrial Economics), at Linköping University, Sweden
1996-2002    Head of the division of Industrial Economics, at Linköping University, Sweden
1995-2000    Program director for the International Graduate School of Management and Industrial Engineering (IMIE), at Linköping University, Sweden
1990-1993    Head of the department of Management and Economics, at Linköping University, Sweden
1987-1993    Senior lecturer in Industrial Marketing, at Linköping University, Sweden
1984-1990    Deputy head of the department of Management and Economics
1987            Associate professor of Industrial Marketing
1979            PhD in Industrial marketing
1975-1986    Lecturer and research assistant in Industrial Marketing
1974            BSc majoring in Business Administration and Mathematics

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