Study guidance

My task as a student counselor is in the first place to act as a neutral conversation partner who helps you reflect so that you finally have a good basis for your decisions.

I act as your sounding board in all kinds of issues concerning your studies and thoughts for the future.

During a study guidance consultation, you can get help with:

  • Information and guidance about programs and courses
  • Questions about credit transfer, eligibility assessments, eligibility and selection rules
  • Study planning and individual study plans
  • Information about studying abroad
  • Reflection on studies, career choices, career opportunities and your personal circumstances
  • A task of a study counselor is to continuously follow up the students' study results.
  • If you need support to get started with your studies in a good way, I can also help with tips and advice on how to plan your time, avoid stress, find motivation and concentration, take on the course literature and so on.

As a study counselor I am there for you, if problems should arise during the study period that negatively affect your study results.

All study guidance consultations are confidentiality!

I am study counselor for the following educational programmes:

Welcome to book an appointment for a study guidance consultation:

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