Xiongyu Wu

Principal Research Engineer

Förste forskningsingenjör




Afshan Begum, Jun Zhang, Dean Derbyshire, Xiongyu Wu, Peter Konradsson, Per Hammarström, Eleonore von Castelmur (2023) Transthyretin Binding Mode Dichotomy of Fluorescent trans-Stilbene Ligands ACS Chemical Neuroscience, Vol. 14, p. 820-828 Continue to DOI
Steven R. Baginski, Tobias Rautio, Lorna A. Nisbet, Karin Lindbom, Xiongyu Wu, Johan Dahlén, Craig Mckenzie, Henrik Green (2023) The metabolic profile of the synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist ADB-HEXINACA using human hepatocytes, LC-QTOF-MS and synthesized reference standards Journal of Analytical Toxicology Continue to DOI
Robert Kronstrand, Markus Roman, Anna Johansson, Xiongyu Wu, Henrik Green, Michael T. Truver (2023) Rilmazafone: A Designer Benzodiazepine Pro-Drug Involved in Fatal Intoxications Journal of Analytical Toxicology Continue to DOI
Tobias Rautio, Daan Vangerven, Johan Dahlén, Shimpei Watanabe, Robert Kronstrand, Svante Vikingsson, Peter Konradsson, Xiongyu Wu, Henrik Green (2023) In vitro metabolite identification of acetylbenzylfentanyl, benzoylbenzylfentanyl, 3-fluoro-methoxyacetylfentanyl, and 3-phenylpropanoylfentanyl using LC-QTOF-HRMS together with synthesized references Drug Testing and Analysis Continue to DOI


xin zhang, Juan Chen, Jiwen Hu, Anna du Rietz, Xiongyu Wu, Ruilong Zhang, Zhongping Zhang, Kajsa Uvdal, Zhang-Jun Hu (2022) Single-wavelength-excited fluorogenic nanoprobe for accurate real-time ratiometric analysis of broad pH fluctuations in mitophagy Nano Reseach, Vol. 15, p. 6515-6521 Continue to DOI