18 April 2018

Brigitte L. Kieffer, Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University, and Scientific Director of the Douglas Mental Health Research Center has been awarded with the Linköping Neuroscience Award.



Professor Brigitte L Kieffer is awarded the LiU Neuro Science Award by professor Markus Heilig.Professor Brigitte L Kieffer was awarded the Linköping Neuroscience Award by Professor Markus Heilig. Photo credit: Daniel Windre

Brigitte L. Kieffer is Professor at the Dept of Psychiatry, McGill University and the Scientific Director of the Douglas Mental Health Research Center in Montréal since 2014. 

She also is Professor at the Université de Strasbourg France, where she developed most her past research activity (IGBMC, one of the leading European centres of biomedical research).

Dr. Kieffer isolated the first gene encoding an opioid receptor, opening an entire research field towards understanding the molecular basis of opioid-controlled behaviors. Her genetic dissection of the opioid system has brought major advances in pain, addiction and mood disorders research, as well as in the area of molecular pharmacology and G protein coupled receptor research.

She has developed and shared exquisite genetic tools worldwide, and has developed innovative research lines with strong impact in neuroscience and biomedical research. 

On May 17, she received the Linköping Neuroscience Award and held a lecture at the University Hospital in Linköping with the title "Opioid receptors and brain function".