Center for Systems Neurobiology


Center for Systems Neurobiology is a strategic effort from Linköping University (LiU) and Region Östergötland aimed at strengthening research within the medical field. 

Linköping University (LiU) and the County Council of Östergötland (Region Östergötland) have decided to continue previous strategic efforts aimed at strengthening research within the medical field, by dedicated strategic research centers. Neurobiology has been selected as one such center.

The fundamental principles of centre activities are:

  • to create and maintain an interactive and creative scientific environment in neuroscience between basic neurosciences (LiU) and clinical medicine (the County Council of Östergötland), and between the Medical, Technical and Art & Sciences faculties of LiU.
  • to help form bridges between basic neurosciences and clinical medicineto support the recruitment of additional scientists, primarily postdocs and new principal investigators.
  • to provide generally applicable research support infrastructure in the form of both skilled personnel and equipment.


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