Please note this is a scholarship for postdoctoral training, and not a position as an employee. This means there will be an educational plan on what you should achieve during your stay at Linköping University. It also means you will have a supervisor to guide you.

Before you apply for the scholarship, there are some important things you need to know about the benefits and limitations during the scholarship period.

  • Once you are registered in Sweden and your stay here is longer than one year, you and your family are generally entitled to healthcare under the same conditions as other residents of Sweden. This means that you pay the regular Swedish patient fee for all care (except dental in case you come from outside EU/EEA). Read more here.

  • Linköping University has signed an insurance for you and your family, called GIF, which is valid even if your stay is shorter than one year (or if anything happens before you get your ten-digit-identification number “personnummer”). It contains personal injury protection, medical and dental coverage, home transport, personal property coverage, third party liability and legal expenses.

  • You are strongly encouraged to sign a life insurance, since the GIF-insurance above gives a very limited protection here.

  • You cannot receive any other remuneration (including allowances and other fringe benefits) from the university than the scholarship during the scholarship period. However, funding for travel to and participating in conferences can be available.

  • The scholarship will be paid also for short periods of absence (e.g., due to illness), but will be reconsidered if the goals of the educational plan cannot be reached because of long-term absence. Also, since you are not employed, you will not receive any sick or parental pay, or other benefits, from Linköping University or the Social Security Agency (Försäkringskassan).

  • No payments to pension funds are made by the university, and you are encouraged to make such contributions yourself.

More general information about moving to and living in Sweden can be found here. Questions can be e-mailed to the HR-division at

We look forward to receiving your application.