LiU Holding (LHG)

LiU Holding AB is owned by Linköping University. The relationship LiU and LiU Holding has a long history – during 2015 LiU Holding celebrated its 20-year anniversary and has over the years developed into an important part of LiU:s utilization of knowledge.

The operation is divided into two main assignments - Innovation and Collaboration. The Innovation assignment includes engage in investment activities through LiU Invest and through the subsidiary LEAD provide a business incubator in Linköping and Norrköping.

The Collaboration assignment includes Spetsa that convey research expertise through consultancy and student consulting company Unitalent.

Affiliated companies



Johan Lilliecreutz is CEO of LiU Holding and LiU Invest. Jonas Nilsson is investment manger at LiU Invest. Catharina Sandberg is CEO of LEAD AB and Anna Jansson is CEO of Unitalent AB.