The responsibilities of the Board of PhD Studies include monitoring, evaluating, and promoting continuous quality improvement in the field of PhD studies within its purview.

The Board, situated within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FUN), is comprised of a chairman, typically the Vice-Dean, and six other faculty members holding PhD degrees. Deputies are also appointed as needed. Additionally, two PhD student representatives and their alternates have the right to participate in the Board's meetings.

The assignments of FUN include:

  • Proposing research subjects and general study syllabuses to the Faculty Board within the Faculty's area of responsibility.
  • Overseeing detailed regulations for admission to doctoral studies.
  • Making decisions on the detailed implementation of PhD studies, examination procedures, accreditation, credit transfer, and establishment and following up the individual study plans.
  • Establishing regulations in the Faculty's Study Handbook for PhD studies.
  • Making decisions on the date of public defence and appointing the chairperson, faculty opponent, and the members of the Examination Board.

2024 meetings

16 January, 1-3pm

27 February, 1-3pm
9 April, 10-12
28 May, 1-3pm
10 September, 1-3pm
8 October, 1-3pm
19 November, 1-3pm

Current members

Full members

Magnus Borga, IMT, Chairman
Anna Fredriksson, ITN
Magnus Herberthson, MAI
Stefan Holmlid, IDA
Erik G. Larsson, ISY
Iryna Yakymenko, IFM
Anna Yström, IEI


Peter Jonsson, IDA
Lars-Göran Mårtensson, IFM
Niklas Rönnberg, ITN
Patrik Thollander, IEI

Student representatives


Klervie Toczé, IDA
Johan Vogt Duberg, IEI

Carl Magnus Bruhner, IDA


Other members

Margareta Johansson, Coordinator and Secretary
Maria Mitradjieva, Faculty Programme Director

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science and Engineering