Clinical Training Centre (CLIN)

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has a common training and simulation center where students are given ample opportunities to practice clinical skills in a safe environment. At Clinicum students can practice anything from taking blood pressure to handling a simulated patient in a fully equipped emergency room.

Clinicum was inaugurated in September 2008 and is used by students from all different programs: Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Speech pathology and the lab facilities are also used by Biomedicine.
Clinicum works in close collaboration with the main health care provider in order to establish a process of life-long learning and improving patient safety.

Development and research

Clinicum work closely together with teachers, health care professionals and researchers from Medical and Health Education Sciences to develop high quality and innovative ways to teach and learn practical and clinical skills.

Focus areas for development and research 

  • clinical skills
  • procedural skills
  • professional and inter-professional teamwork (IPL)
  • scenario-training/simulation with mannequins
  • simulated patients for skills training
  • virtual laboratories
  • virtual patients and other web-based applications
  • visualization of anatomy and physiology

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Hjärt- och lungräddning är ett viktigt inslag i de flesta utbildningar på Medfak.
CPR-training is common practice within most educations.
AT-studenter testar hur det är att vara rullstolsburen.
Occupational Therapist students try out how it is to be bound by a wheelchair.
Logopedstudenter studerar anatomi.
Speech Pathology students study anatomy.
Logopedstudenter tränar att använda tester.
Speech pathology students learn to use a wide variety of tests.
AT-studenter tränar lyft.
Occupational Therapy students train on how to use a lift safely.
Simuleringsdocka på Clinicum
Using advanced simulation dolls, students experience realistic situations.

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Clinicum Linköping

Campus US, floor 12, entrance 53 och 54, Patologen, floor 9 och 11, entrance 69

Postal address: Linköpings Universitetet, Medicinska fakulteten, Clinicum 581 83 Linköping, Sweden

Clinicum Norrköping

Campus Norrköping Kåkenhus, Bredgatan 33, entrance 4 och 5

Postal address: Linköpings Universitetet, Medicinska fakulteten, Clinicum 581 83 Linköping, Sweden

Opening hours

Opening hours Linköping: 07 am - 22 pm Opening hours Norrköping: 07 am -21 pm Keycard required

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