International Affairs and Collaborations Division (ISA)

The International Affairs and Collaborations Division (ISA) supports faculties and departments in their work with internationalisation, research funding, commissioned education and collaboration.

ISA contributes through the support it gives to satisfying LiU's strategic objectives: high-quality education and the development of society based on knowledge. Together with departments and faculties, ISA works to achieve not only local and regional development, but also national and global development.

The division has three offices

  • Commissioned Education Office
  • International Office
  • Strategic Collaborations Office

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Offices and staff

Commissioned Education Office

Head of Unit is Erica Byström.

The Commissioned Education Office at LiU collaborates with and supports the departments and faculties in their work with commissioned education. Our role is to act as a link between the university and the public sector, companies and other organisations interested in increasing the expertise and knowledge of their employees or members. Commissioned education at LiU is based on scientific principles, and is to satisfy the need for knowledge of various sectors of society.

International Office

Head of Unit is Caroline Sturesson.

International Office contributes to the implementation of LiU’s strategy for internationalisation. One way in which it does this is by facilitating and coordinating LiU’s participation in internationalisation programmes at national and international levels.

Strategic Collaborations Office

Head of unit is Ingela Lindahl.

The role of the Strategic Collaborations Office is to improve the ability of the university to transfer knowledge through strategic collaboration with other institutions of higher education and selected external partners, both in Sweden and abroad.