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Learn more about international studies at LiU

Artwork for the podcast Fika with us. A fika is a very Swedish custom that basically means that you take a break from your activity to have a cup of coffee or tea and maybe eat something sweet.

In Fika with us we are inviting you to join us for a fika and listen to different topics regarding international student life at Linköping University (LiU).

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Episode 78: Social Life at LiU

Overview over New Students' day. Between corridor events, program gatherings, student organizations, and campus parties, there is always something to do at LiU!

In this episode, our guests Shivani, Rana, and Yannick go over all you need to know about social life on campus and how you can get involved with student life.

Participants: Connor Turner (Host), Shivani Devata (Guest), Rana Elsayed (Guest) and Yannick Reischl (Guest).

Episode 77: Meet our new host!

Nya host Connor Turner is smiling and looking into the camera. The start of a new school year brings new beginnings for the podcast! In this episode, our new host Connor introduces himself, talks about how he came to be in Linköping, and gives a preview as to what is to come in Season 3 of Fika with Us.

Participants: The host Connor Turner.

Episode 76: Travelling in Sweden

Collage of participated Abhijeet, Milou and Akash in various parts of Sweden. Are you wondering how is it to travel within Sweden? This episode's guests Milou, and Akash will share their travelling experience inside Sweden.

They also share some tips on budget traveling. If you are curious to know the best places around and the best way to travel here, then this episode is for you.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Milou Hegeman (Guest) and Akash Umesh (Guest).

Episode 75: Hello Norrköping!

Overview over Campus Norrköping. While the university is called Linköping University, there is also a big Campus in Norrköping, about 30 minutes from Linköping. Gvantsa and Yerv both live and study in Norrköping.

In this episode they will telling you all about the beauty of Norrköping and all the place you need to know about. Even if you study in Linköping, after listing to this episode you will want to visit Norrköping!

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Yervand Abrahamyan and Gvantsa Gatenadze

Episode 74: Second hand shopping

Money is laying on a table together with cards from IKEA and ICA. When you come to Linköping or Sweden in general, you will find that second hand shopping is a very common thing. In this episode we talk about all the stores and websites you should check out while here.

We also discuss our favourite finds and what to look out for while shopping second hand! Here are some useful links:

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Elena Jiménez Romanillos, Agathe Malbet and Livia Juliane Genn

Episode 73: Part-time Jobs

Student is sitting at his desk infront of a computer. Part-time jobs are a great way to support yourself financially and create professional networks during your studies. This episode's guests Chayan, Rana, and Heba will share their experience as part-time workers, the advantages and disadvantages of working part-time during their studies, and others. They also share tips about how to find part-time jobs in Linköping.

Host: Abhijeet Anand
Guests: Chayan Shrang Raj, Rana Aymen Elsayed and Heba Talaat Abdelaziz Moustafa.

Episode 72: Welcome to Linköping!

A overview picture of Campus Valla in Linköping. A warm welcome to all new students at LiU! Arriving in a new country not knowing anybody can become overwhelming. There is always so much to do before you become comfortable.

In this episode we give you a quick checklist of the important administrative and general things you should do when you arrive! Hopefully, it will make your arrival in Linköping a bit easier!

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Una Kranzelic, Sai Shivani Devata, Yannick Reischl

Episode 71: Summer in Sweden

A group of people sitting outside in the sun outside Studenthuset at Campus Valla. Do you wonder how beautiful is the summer in Sweden? Or are you not sure what activities you can do during the summer? Then this podcast is for you.

Our guests Agathe, Heba will share their amazing summer experience and Yannick will share his plans for the much-awaited astounding summer. We also talk about Swedish traditions, festivals and the common food during summer.

Episode 70: Arrival Days at LiU

Students standing in line and waiting in Studenthuset, Arrival days are part of the welcome period at LiU, where the International Office has extended opening hours to welcome new students.

This episode's guests Shivani and Jule will share their experience from arrival days. Johanna from the International office will give detailed information about the arrival period. We also unfold all the perks of arriving on arrival days. Check information-days for more details.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Sai Shivani Devata (Guest), Livia Juliane Genn (Guest) and Johanna Gistvik (Guest)

Episode 69: Overalls 2.0

A group of people standing outside Studenthuset at Campus Valla in their student overalls. Our frequent listeners will know that there has been an episode on overalls before, and yes, we are doing another one. Ovves are a big part of the student culture here at LiU and ovves are very unique, so by having new guests on you will get another impression of the overalls. Also, it is always good to refresh the rules.

You can get additional patches at LiU Uni Crew.

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Agathe Malbet, Conner Turner, Sai Shivani Devata

Episode 68: Prepare your move to Sweden

A group of people is sitting in Studenthuset at Campus Valla and smiles to the camera. Are you a newly admitted student at LiU or planning to join LiU? It is always tricky to plan to move to a new place. Our guests Jule, Bernhard and Elena will share their experiences on how did they plan their move, including what not to forget and also what not to worry about.

Also, don't miss to check the admitted webpage from LiU for more information.

Episode 67: Outdoor activities

Group of people standing outside on Campus Valla and showing outdoor activites. Summer is right ahead which means the weather is getting better and it's time to get back out. Sweden has some beautiful nature that offers many possibilities for outdoor activities.

In this episode we talk about a few sports and activities you can do in and around Linköping when it's nice out. You can go hike, bike, swim, and play sports like tennis, football, volleyball. And not worry you can borrow a lot of sporting equipment at for example Fritidsbanken Norrköping. Just go out and enjoy being active!

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Niko Stratil-Sauer, Anthony van Oosten, Livia Juliane Genn

Episode 66: 11 Seasons of Sweden

Sweden is a country of breathtaking nature and varied climate. There is also a fun saying that Sweden has "11 seasons". These vast varying seasons include no sunset in summers to no sun in winters. Talking about the weather is one of the most common topics here.

This episode's guests Mandy and Gvantsa are here to share their unique experiences with Swedish Climate. One of us like Swedish winter more than the Swedish summer. Guess who?

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Gvantsa Gatenadze and Mandy Oberhollenzer

Episode 65: Corridor vs. Apartment

The admission results are out, congrats to all admitted! The next step is to find accommodation in Linköping or Norrköping. But what is the best option. That really depends on you but in this episode Therese, Elena and Gvantsa tell their experience with living in corridor rooms or apartments. We talk about the student housing, neighbourhoods to live in, and of course the cost.

Check out Heimstaden or Studenbostäder for housing in Linköping and Studentbo for housing in Norrköping.

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Therese Svärd, Elena Jimenez Romanillos and Gvantsa Gatenadze

Episode 64: Application results are out

The result of first and main round is out. Congratulations to all the newly admitted students. Along with celebration of this great news, it is also the time to look for important next steps.

This episode's guests Chayan, Agathe and Therese will share some vital information about next steps, how to prioritize them and also some fun facts. Check the admitted webpage from LiU for more information.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Chayan Shrang Raj, Agathe Malbet and Therese Lindkvist.

Episode 63: Exams and grading at LiU

Three persons sitting at a table and smiling into the camera. Coming to a new country to study can be very scary, especially when it comes to the academic side as it may differ from what you are used to.

So, in this episode we try to give you an overview of how the courses at LiU are structured and how the exams look like. Each programme is a bit different, but hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect when you start here at LiU! You can find more information on the LiU website.

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Milou Hegeman, Sai Shivani Devata and Connor Turner

Episode 62: Master’s in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology

Guest Rebecca is looking down on her hand where a butterfly is sitting. Are you wondering what studying Master's in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology is like? Rebecca, a recent graduate from this program, is here to share her journey of studying this amazing program at LiU. If you're thinking to apply for this program or have already applied, this fika is for you! 

Host: Abhijeet Anand
Guest: Rebecca Fonseca Duarte Pilzecker

Episode 61: Living on a student budget

Money and cards is laying in a mess on a table. For some people moving to Sweden can be a costly affair as the living cost are higher. Living on a student budget can therefore sometimes be challenging especially with a rising inflation.

In this episode Agathe, Rana and Connor tell their tips and tricks on how to safe up some money. There are second-hand stores, membership offers, app with discounts and a lot more.

For more information also check out our student blog.

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Agathe Malbet, Rana Aymen Elsayed and Connor Turner.

Episode 60: Swedish Winter Darkness

Picture of a dark road with city lights. One of the most talked about things when starting your move to Sweden is the darkness in Winter. In December there are days with just 6 hours of daylight. It can get overwhelming especially when you are not used to it.

In this episode we talk about the difficulties that arise in the winter months. We have some tips and tricks that help us overcome the dark days and make them just as enjoyable as the summer days!

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Gvantsa Gatenadze, Mandy Oberhollenzer, Sai Shivani Devata

Episode 59: Bachelor’s in Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine

Three persons sitting on a bench and looking into the camera. Are you wondering what studying Bachelor's in Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine is like? Julia and Nihar, a recent graduate from this program, are here to share their journey of studying this amazing program at LiU. If you're thinking to apply for this program or have already applied, this fika is for you!

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Julia Berger (Guest) and Nihardeep Kaur (Guest)

Episode 58: Campushallen

Three persons is testing training equipment outside Campushallen. Sometimes during stressful study periods, it can help to work out and get your mind off things. Campushallen is the perfect place for that. It is located right on Campus Valla and has a lot of different sporting activities to offer. Therese, Bala, and Abhijeet are members at Campushallen.

In this episode we talk about all their favourite workouts and all there is to know about the facilities. You can find all the important information on prices, opening hours, locations, and classes on the Campushallen Website. That is also where you can sign up to become a member!

Participants: Emily Nebot Pérez (host). Therese Lindkvist (guest), Balagangadar Thilakar Arumugam (guest) and Abhijeet Anand (guest)

Episode 57: Hello 2023

Four people sitting in sofa and holding up the year 2023. Happy New Year 2023. With the start of every new year, it is the time to rejoice about the previous year and set new resolutions for the upcoming one. It is also the time to eat, celebrate and enjoy. Every country has their own tradition to celebrate the new year.

This episode's guests Emily, Elena and Milou will talk about the common traditions from their home country and also some funny and adorable childhood memories of new year celebrations.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Emily Nebot Pérez (Guest), Elena Jimenez Romanillos (Guest) and Milou Hegeman (Guest)

Episode 56: Christmas around the World

Four people sitting and two wearing santa hat. Merry Christmas!
On this year's Christmas episode, we talk about all the different ways Christmas is or is not celebrated around the world! What traditions do people celebrate, when do you open gifts, what are typical food and most importantly when is the right time to put up Christmas decorations? Join us on this little Christmas World Tour!

Host: Emily Nebot Pérez
Guests: Elena Jimenez Romanillo, Sai Shivani Devata, Connor Turner

Episode 55: 720 - Skiing Association of LiU

Three guys sitting outside Studenthuset at Campus Valla looking into the camera. Skiing is one of the most popular adventure winter sports of Sweden. If you are interested in Skiing, we have a great news for you.

Today's guest Jakob, vice-chairman of 720 - skiing association of LiU is here to tell us more about the association. We also have Yannick, an international student at LiU who has an enthusiasm for skiing. Today's talk will give insights about the association, and we will also discover our guests' amazing skiing journey. Visit for more details.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Jakob Roham (Guest), Yannick Reischl (Guest)

Episode 54: UPF - The Student Association of Foreign Affairs at LiU

Episode guests Elyssa, Karolina and Vivian standing with a rollup with information about UPF Linköping. After some rebranding at the beginning of this year the association is back. But what is it that they do? Elyssa, Karolína and Vivian from the UPF board are shedding some light on what the association stands for and everything they organize: social events, lectures, and study trips.

You can find more information on UPF's Facebook page and Instagram account or on their Website.

Participants: Emily Nebot Pérez (host). Elyssa Tan (guest), Karolína Skálová (guest) and Vivian Vu (guest)

Episode 53: Studenthuset (Library) - Our favorite building

Picture taken outside facing Studenthuset at Campus Valla. Ever wondered where does the students of LiU mostly hang out. Yeah, It is the Studenthuset, which is also the Library. Studenthuset is much more than the Library.

Today's guest Håkan, who works at the Library, and an international student Emily will tell us what Studenthuset all is about.

Tip: We will also revel about the mysterious floor 2.5 of Studenthuset. Listen to this podcast to discover about Studenthuset, Library, DigiMaker and much more.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Håkan Sundblad (Guest), Emily Nebot Pérez (Guest)

Episode 52: Sweden, Swedish and Swedes

Four people smiling at the camera sitting in Studenthuset at Campus Valla. Are you coming to Sweden or have already been in Sweden? Today's guests Dinuke, Chiara and Elisio will share their amazing experience of living in Sweden, talking in Swedish and making Swede friends. We will also discover some unique and hidden facts too.

Tip: We also talk about eating Surströmming. So, join us to know more about Sweden, Swedish and Swedes.

Participants: Abhijeet Anand (Host), Dinuke Chrishan Jayaweera (guest), Chiara Mader (guest), Elisio Quintino (guest)

Episode 51: Application Checklist

Four people standing together and pointing at tablet. It is that time of the year again: Application period!
The application process can result very stressful and sometimes even confusing when it comes to all the documents that have to be included. So, in this episode we discuss all the important steps and the things you should be aware of. To show you the two perspectives of the application process, two students are telling their personal experience and Cecilia from the admissions unit sheds some lights from the administrative side!

Here are all the important dates for the Application for the autumn semester 2023:
17th of October 2022: Application round opens
16th of January 2023: Application Deadline (last day to rank the courses)
1st of February 2023: Application Fee deadline, supporting documentation deadline (last day to upload prove of citizenship)
30th of March 2023: Admissions result
You can apply under

Participants: Emily Nebot Pérez (host). Cecilia Johansson (guest), Agathe Malbet (guest) and Abhijeet Anand (guest)

Episode 50: Meet your new hosts!

The host Rebecca and Julia is sitting with the two new hosts of Fika with us. Rebecca and Julia have now graduated, but don't worry! Two new hosts will be taking over the podcast and bringing you the best episodes yet.

You might already know them from previous episodes or if you follow us on Instagram and read the blogs. Want to know who they are? Make sure to listen to find out ;)

Episode 49: Our stories

The hosts Rebecca and Julia is sitting on some chairs and smiling into the camera. After being involved with this podcast for over a year, Julia and Rebecca are finally graduating! This episode is a reflection on how they got here, starting in a country far from Sweden and ending as co-hosts of Fika with Us at Linköping University, with a degree in their hand. Grab your fluffiest blanket for this cozy, nostalgic fika!

Hosts: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and Julia Berger

Episode 48: Travelling Sweden on a shoestring budget

Two exchange students from Vienna is smiling and looking into the camera. Sweden is known for its beautiful nature and its world-famous city of Stockholm. When coming to Linköping University as an exchange student or regular international student, travelling throughout Sweden and exploring the country is almost on everyone’s to-do list.

Together with two LiU exchange students from Vienna, Evelyn and Sarah, we will talk about visiting Sweden’s bustling cities, calm nature and of course the Swedish Lapland. Tune in for great tips for travelling around Sweden on a student- friendly budget.

Guests: Evelyn Koglgruber and Sarah Teichtmeister

Episode 47: Academic English Support

Picture of a book with letters in English. The Academic English Support offers language support to LiU students - but what exactly do they do? In which situations can they help you?

Maria Strääf works at the Academic English Support and is our guest in this episode. Tune in to learn which assignments, presentations or work they can help you with. If you’d like to get in touch with them, you can do so through their homepage.

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guest: Maria Strääf (Academic English Support)

Episode 46: The Swedish Healthcare system

Picture of Vårdcentralen taken from the outside. Whether you have something troubling your health right now or you’d just like to come in for a regular check-up, it’s important for international students to know about how the Swedish Healthcare system works.

Charlotta is an experienced nurse and is here to shed some light on how the system works and what you should do when you have any health concerns. Make sure to take some notes!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guest: Charlotta Milde

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Episode 45: Overalls and other student traditions

The host Rebecca with students Emma, Felix and Julia in student overalls. Overalls are an essential part of Swedish student culture and your journey to LiU will certainly include you encountering many people wearing them.

Tune in to learn all about where this and other student traditions come from and how you can be a part of it all. For this fika, you’ll want to bring your collection of patches!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Emma Ackelman, Felix Scholtka and Julia Berger

Episode 44: Navitas student association

The guests Matilda Arvidsson and Lisa Goldschmidtböing is hugging a tree and smiling into the camera. Ready to meet another LiU student association? Here is Navitas! Their goal is to make the world a little more sustainable and get interested students together for this mission.

The LiU secondhand store is also part of Navitas. Matilda and Lisa are here to answer all your questions about what this association does and what it’s like to be a part of it. Make sure to bring your reusable containers to this fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Matilda Arvidsson and Lisa Goldschmidtböing

Episode 43: Summer in Sweden

Host Rebecca is standing with guest Johan Jäger and smiling into the camera. You might be surprised to find out that Sweden has nice weather in the summer sometimes. Come and hear about the best ways to spend those beautiful summer days from a true Swede and a student that has lived here for almost three years. Don’t forget to bring your tents and your ice creams to this fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Johan Jäger and Julia Berger

Episode 42: Living and studying in Norrköping

Picture of Campus Norrköping. Linköping University has several campuses: two campuses in Linköping (Valla and US), but also one campus in Norrköping. Our two guests today live and study in this beautiful neighboring city and have come on the podcast to give you a feel for what it is like. Whether you have applied for a program at this campus or you're just curious about what this city is like, come grab some fika with us!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Aidan McGirr and Kaya Hasslinger

Episode 41: Arrival Period - Welcome to LiU

International students standing in line and talking to each other in some kind of exercise. Photo credit Charlotte Perhammar Congratulations on your admittance to Linköping University! We cannot wait to welcome you to our university. In this episode, you will get to learn why LiU’s welcome period is so special, how you can make the most of it and when it is best to arrive.

Current students as well as a representative from the international office at LiU will share plenty of information and insights. Grab a coffee, a pen and paper and get excited for your time at LiU.

Host: Julia Berger
Guests: Therese Lindkvist, Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and Emily Nebot Pérez

Episode 40: Gen!us student association

Three girls sitting on a table and smiling at the camera with a forth person behind them on a TV. Wondering what student associations we have at LiU? Meet Gen!us! They are working to increase gender awareness and social inclusion at Linköping University. Caroline and Bianca are here to answer all your questions about what this association does and what it’s like to be a part of it. Make sure to bring your best self to this fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Caroline and Bianca

Episode 39: Checklist for leaving Sweden

Graphic picture that shows pen, paper, keys and passport.As the academic semester is coming to an end it is time for many of us students to graduate from LiU. Indeed, a wonderful accomplishment and as much as we would love to keep you here in Sweden, one day there might be a time when you feel like spreading your wings and flying away.

In this episode, we will walk you through the process of leaving Sweden and point out important bureaucratic steps to take. Grab a coffee and come along for an information-packed episode. 

Host: Julia Berger
Guest: Therese Lindkvist, Senior Coordinator at The International Office

Episode 38: The Master’s in Sustainability Engineering and Management

Guest Niraj Kumar Sontha looking into the camera.Ever wondered what the Master's in Sustainability Engineering and Management is about? Niraj, a former international student ambassador and student of this program, is here to answer all your questions. Whether you're thinking of applying or have already applied, this fika is for you!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guest: Niraj Kumar Sontha

Episode 37: Staying fit as a student

The host Rebecca together with episode guests Julia and Matilde standing in a human triangle.Everyone knows that physical health is important. This fika is all about how to stay active without ruining your student budget. From the classic gym to martial arts and trampoline parks, join us to hear about all the different activities you can do in and around Linköping throughout the seasons!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Julia Berger and Matilde Coppye

Episode 36: How to: Prepare your move to Sweden

Student checking in at desk for Moving to a new country can be very overwhelming but don't worry we got you covered. Today's guests Rebecca and Abhijeet have already gone through the whole process of moving countries. Rebecca moved from Portugal to Sweden and will provide us with useful insides for EU-based students.

Abhijeet relocated from India and will share his tips and tricks about getting a visa, accommodation and insurance for fee-paying students. Come along and learn how to make your move to Sweden as easy as possible.

Participants: Julia Berger, Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and Abhijeet Anand.

Episode 35: Fika like a Swede

Waffles with some jam and cream is placed on a dinner table.Fika, the custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat is as Swedish as IKEA.

It isn't just another word for a coffee break - fika is so much more! Grab something warm to drink, something sweet to eat and join us for a mouth-watering episode of Fika with us!

Host: Julia Berger
Guests: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker, Lisa Goldschmidtböing and Abhijeet Anand

Episode 34: Mental health at University

The host Julia and todays guests Emily and Lisa sitting in beanbags in Studenthuset.In the past few years, awareness towards mental health has increased and its importance is more recognised than ever. We all know that exams and assignments can be incredibly stressful and living in a new country, far from home, with only a few hours of daylight in the winter, brings its own challenges as well.

Today, we are sitting down with Julia, Emily and Lisa for a reflective fika, where we discuss some of our struggles and our tips and tricks for keeping good mental health.

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Julia Berger, Emily Nebot Pérez. Lisa Goldschmidtböing

Episode 33: Corridor Life

A group of people sitting in a sofa and smiling at the camera.Rebecca, Emily and Romi are three LiU students who all live in student corridors throughout Linköping. A student corridor is an approximately 20 sqm large room with an ensuite bathroom. The kitchen and communal areas are shared with seven other students. Living in a student corridor is very popular and affordable!

Our guests share their experiences of corridor life and help to unravel "corridor myths" such as the always dirty kitchen, parties all night and much more. Tune in to find out if living in a student corridor could be for you!

Host: Julia Berger
Guest: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker, Emily Nebot Pérez and Romi Al Saleem

Episode 32: The Master’s in Gender Studies

Guest Maria Kousoula is smiling into the camera.Ever wondered what the Master's in Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change is about?

Maria, an international student ambassador and a student of this program graduating this year, is here to answer all your questions. Whether you're thinking of applying or have already applied, this fika is for you!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guest: Maria Kousoula

Episode 31: LARK - Linköping's Academic Riding Club

Four girls in riding clothes sitting on the ground with blue and yellow ballongs and a LARK-sign.Come and join us for fika with LARK, LiU's Academic Riding Club which is the perfect student association for everyone interested in horses. LARK holds weekly riding lessons at the local riding school, organises fun get-togethers and takes part in the national student championships in horse riding.

A great way of getting back into the saddle and meeting students from all over LiU. Are you interested in spending quality time with two- and four-legged friends? As you will learn during the episode international students are more than welcome to join LARK.

Episode 30: Why we chose Linköping University

The host Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker is sitting together with todays guests Julia Berger, Abhijeet Anand and Agathe Malbet in a staircase.Today’s episode is about the stories of some of our student ambassadors. Julia, Agathe and Abhijeet are here to share what made them move to Sweden and be a student from an international program at Linköping University. Was it a thought-out plan or more of a lucky leap of faith? Make sure to bring your cosy blankets and a nice cup of tea for this fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Julia Berger, Abhijeet Anand and Agathe Malbet

Episode 29: A Christmas special!

The host Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker is standing with guest Therese Lindkvist and Tobias Kontio in Christmas outfit.It’s that time of the year again! The songs, the tree or the pastries, what makes a great Swedish Christmas? Therese and Toby are here to share their experiences on what it takes to have a truly Swedish celebration of this holiday. You will need some Julmust, perhaps even some Glögg, for this fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Therese Lindkvist (International Office) and Tobias Kontio

Episode 28: Be safe

The host Julia Berger is standing with todays guests Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and Abhijeet Anand looking into the camera.This episode is all about safety, both before you come to Sweden and once you are in Sweden. As you probably know - Sweden is considered a very safe country not only for tourists but also for residents.

However, there are still a few things that are great to keep in mind to stay safe and it might just be as simple as having lights on your bike at night, getting home insurance or taking the TBE vaccine to protect yourself against ticks transmitting tick-borne encephalitis.

Host: Julia Berger
Guests: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and Abhijeet Anand

Episode 27: Spring Welcome Period

Picture taken from inside of a plane looking out of the window.The new semester is quickly approaching and this means another arrival period is in the making! Priya Eklund, who works at the International Office here at LiU, is here to give you a general idea of what to expect as well as some tips to survive this possibly scary yet exciting period. Book your flights and pack your bags for this very welcoming fika!

Episode 26: Being an Exchange Student at LiU

Profile picture of Agnes Montecuccoli who is todays guest.Exchange studies are incredibly valuable experiences and in today's episode you get to meet Agnes, an exchange student of the international bachelor's program in Biomedicine.

She left her home university in Austria, drove all the way up to Linköping and is now spending one semester as an LiU student. Hear more about her experience of finding accommodation, learning Swedish, travelling around beautiful Sweden and emerging herself in Swedish student traditions.

Host: Julia Berger
Guest: Agnes Montecuccoli

Episode 25: Dealing with the Swedish Darkness

Picture of a snowman in Sweden.The days in Linköping and Norrköping are getting colder and darker - Swedish winter is coming in big steps! What if I have never experienced a cold winter before... what can I look forward to besides the snow? In this episode, our guests' Rebecca and Abhijeet are partly excited and partly a bit nervous about the coming winter.

It's Rebecca's second winter in Sweden so she shares the best tips and tricks on how to survive the Swedish darkness, while Abhijeet has never experienced very low temperatures before. However, he already started preparing for the "white season" and surely he will love it once the snow arrives!

Host: Julia Berger
Guests: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and Abhijeet Anand
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 24: To Sweden, from India

The host Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and episode guest Vinayak Menon is looking into the camera and smiling.Ever wondered what it’s like to move to Linköping all the way from Kerala, India? Vinayak has done it and is here as a guest to tell you all about his journey. How did he come across his master’s program? What were his first impressions? What does he miss the most from home? Make sure to bring your adventurous spirit to this cozy fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guest: Vinayak Menon
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 23: ESN and ISA student organisations

Guests Vinayak Menon and Oskar Johansson standing with host Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker and looking into the camera.As a new incoming student, you will hear a lot about the International Student Association (ISA) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), but what exactly do these student organisations do?

Oskar (ESN) and Vinayak (ISA), two students at LiU, are the guests of this episode to answer all of your possible questions. This fika is all about living your best life while studying!

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guests: Vinayak Menon (ISA), Oskar Johansson (ESN)
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 22: Learning Swedish

Guest Rebecca Fonesca and the host Maria Kousoula is standing outside Studenthuset at Campus Valla in Linkoping.Do you like learning new languages? Have you ever thought to learn Swedish? In this episode of Fika with us, Rebecca and Maria, student ambassadors studying here at LiU, talk about learning the Swedish language and ways to do so online or in person. We invite you to listen to our podcast and get all the tips and tricks!

Host: Maria Kousoula
Guest: Rebecca Fonesca
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 21: Alumni story - Kaushal Sadashiv

Profile picture of Kaushal Sadashiv who is the guest in the episode.Being a student at LiU is (of course) great – but what happens after you have finished your studies? Kaushal, a LiU alumni, shares his story in this episode.

Host: Wen Chen
Guest: Kaushal Sadashiv
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 20: Checklist for new arrivals

Picture of the building Studenthuset at Linkoping University.If you are newly admitted to LiU, listen up! In this episode Therese from the International Office, and Rebecca on of our student ambassadors will guide you through what you need to do when you arrive at Linköping University. Everything from roll-call to buying a bike!

Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator
Guests: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator, Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

Episode 19: Surviving on a student budget!

Three girls standing outside with one bike.In a previous episode we looked at the cost of living in Sweden (go check it out if you haven’t!). This time we will go through which tips and tricks Nadia and Maria, two student ambassadors from LiU, use to maintain their student budget while studying. From second-hand shops to getting the best deals, make sure to listen in on this budget-friendly fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonesca Duarte Pilzecker
Guests: Maria Kousoula, Bernadia Dwiyani
Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

Episode 18: Cost of Living in Sweden

Money laying on a table.Sweden is often spoken about as being an expensive country, but just how expensive is it to live here as a student?

Julia and Furkan, two student ambassadors from LiU, talk about their monthly expenses as well as how the cost of living differs from their home countries. Don’t forget to check your budget before joining this fika!

Host: Rebecca Fonesca Duarte Pilzecker
Guests: Julia Berger, Furkan Özkab
Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

Bonus Episode: The Master's in Business Administration

Two girls taking a selfie and look happy.Ever wondered what the Master's in Business Administration - Strategy Management in International Organisations (SMIO) is about?

Wen and Hakima, two students of this program that will graduate this year, are here to answer all your questions. Whether you're thinking of applying or have already applied, this fika is for you!

Host: Rebecca Fonesca Duarte Pilzecker
Guests: Wen Chen, Hakima Shiralzide
Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

Episode 17: The Student Health Care

Girl looking at computer.The Student Health Care center offers varied support to LiU students - but what exactly do they do? In which situations can they help you? Marie Petterson works at Student Health and is our guest in this episode of Fika with us. Join us for a conversation about mental health, disabilities and how this LiU support system works.

If you would like to reach out to Student Health, you can do so here:
Welcome to the Student Health Care Center

Host: Rebecca Fonesca Duarte Pilecker
Guest: Marie Pettersson, Counsellor at the Student Health Care, LiU
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 16: Remaining in Sweden - finding a job

Woman writing on a piece of paper. Photo credit Pexels.comIf you like Sweden so much that you want to stay after you have finished your studies, why not look for a job here? We talk the Swedish job market, how to find a job in Sweden, LinkedIn and much more.

Visit this page about Career Support if you want to know more what is offered by LiU.

Host: Niraj Kumar Sontha
Guests: Priya Eklund, International Office and Hilarian Demio Buck Silva
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Bonus Episode: Why Sweden? (In German)

Three girls standing outside and holding up flags.Die Heimat in Österreich und Deutschland verlassen um in Schweden zu studieren? Iris, Katharina und Julia haben genau das gemacht und sind nun internationale Studenten an der Universität in Linköping, Schweden.

Erfahre mehr über ihre Reise hierher, die Vorteile die man hier als Deutschsprachiger/e hat und inwiefern sich die schwedische Bildung von der Bildung in Österreich/ Deutschland unterscheidet. Ob die Drei rückblickend den Schritt, Schweden ihr neues Zuhause zu machen, erneut wagen würden? Das und vieles mehr erfahrt ihr in dieser Episode von „Fika With Us“.

Episode 15: Ensuring your academic writing is your own

Many books stacked on top of each other.What is plagiarism and how do you avoid it? Mikael Rosell from the University Library and students Rebecca and Maria give their insights on what you can and cannot do to ensure your academic writing is your own.

Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator
Guests: Mikael Rosell, Rebecca Fonseca Duarte Pilzecker and Maria Kousoula
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 14: Dealing with the pandemic

Three people are standing outside the building with face masks.In this episode of Fika with us, we are joined by Maria, Nadia, and Simona who talk about dealing with the pandemic while studying at LiU. The topics being discussed highlight the policy in Sweden in general from last year until recently.

Also, how does the pandemic impact the daily life as students, to what extent they are facing anxiety, and how to deal with it. Lastly, some final tips are given to combat the difficult situation we are all currently dealing with.

Host: Maria Kousoula
Guests: Nadia Dwiyani and Simona Bisiani
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell 

Episode 13: Be your own cook!

Two girls hold frying pans in front of their mouths.An obligation, a choice or a hobby - cooking can be all of these! Making your own meals is a great way to save money in Sweden, but where to start?

Rebecca gives us some insight about how it was for her, as well as some tips and tricks on how to cook in a corridor. Don't forget to bring your favourite pastries to this fika!

Episode 12: Corridor life in Corona times

Mona Lisa with mouth protection, toilet paper and rubbing alcoholLiving in a corridor with other people during a pandemic might seem a bit scary – but it does not need to be! In this episode you will hear from Akhil and Iris, who both live in corridor rooms, about how it is to live with other people in times like these.

Come enjoy a warm cup of fika while we talk about the good, the bad and what has changed.

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Duarte Pilzecker
Guests: Akhil Rajendran and Iris Potakowskyj
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 11: The Rich Student Life at Linköping University

The richness of student life at Linköping University is well-known and the university has won the “Årets svenska studentstad” (Student City of the Year) award three times. This is a lot thanks to the hard work of the student unions, sections and various associations at the university. Today we get to know more about student life at LiU from Sara Hamrefors, international responsible at the Mechanical Engineering section here at LiU.

Host: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator
Guest: Sara Hamrefors, international responsible at the Mechanical Engineering section
Recording and editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 10: Come visit Östergötland!

Besides a very rich student life, Linköping, Norrköping and the region of Östergötland has so much more to offer. In this episode you can hear about all the interesting activities you can do and places you don´t want to miss when coming to Linköping University as an exchange student!

Host: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator
Guests: Maria Hamre, Visit Linköping and Viveca Valgren, the Municipality of Norrköping
Recording and editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 9: Worldish - from student idea to company

Naveen Sasidharan and Abhishek Jacob ChethikattNaveen Sasidharan and Abhishek Jacob Chethikatt - two master students from India with an idea that eventually turned into the company Worldish. In this episode they talk about their journey!

Episode 8: The academic side and how to prepare for Sweden (in Chinese)

Fika with us - AvsnittsbildFirst year students Xiaou Xue, Lingyu and Kang walk us through the typical Swedish way of studying and how to prepare for the Linköping University study experience.

* What we expected about studying in Sweden and what we’ve gained since the start
* Experiences of the programme so far
* Lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops and study trips
* Programming, lab work and lab reports in engineering programmes
* Course literature
* Academic writing and spoken English
* Group work in social science programs
* Lab work in engineering programmes
* Working with international students
* Student life in Sweden
* Exams (paper, written exams, group assignments, reports)

This episode’s three students are studying: International and European relations, Communication Systems and Science for sustainable development.

Episode 7: Why we chose Sweden and our experiences so far (in Chinese)

Fika with us - AvsnittsbildIn 2019, more than 30 students with previous studies in China were admitted to degree programmes at Linköping University. In addition, there are exchange students, doctoral students and researchers from China currently at LiU. Today, Lingyu talks with other Chinese first year students about Sweden and daily life for Chinese students at Linköping University. Participants in today’s episode are first year student Xia0 Xue, and second year student Charlie.

Here are some highlights:
* English in daily life
* Equality and gender equality
* Seasons in Sweden
* Sustainability in every aspect of daily life
* Food and cooking
* Public transportation
* Online payments
* Teaching methods and academic atmosphere
* A piece of advice: Explore your own program
* Master thesis
* Distance mode right now

This episode’s three students are studying: International and European relations, Ethnic and migration studies and Science for sustainable development.

Episode 6: Studying in Sweden - academics

Avsnittsbild - Fika with usIn this episode of Fika with us, first year students Lingyu and Simona and Julia talks about the purely academic side.

• A regular week of full-time studies.
• Lectures, seminars and computer labs.
• Self-study and group studies.
• Papers, essays and articles.
• Seminars, group work and oral presentations.
• Problem-based learning.
• Labs and lab reports.
• Written/home exams and practical examinations.
• Developing academic reading.
• Project assignments and reports.
• Attendance.
• Learning from each other.
• Time management and to-do lists.
• Lunch boxes and running for the microwaves.
• Get to know your fellow students!

Our students are studying:

BSc Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine
MSc International and European Relations
MSc Computational Social Science

Episode 5: Swedish culture and life in Sweden

Avsnittsbild - Fika with us

First year students Julia, Lingyu and Amanda chat and compare different cultures and perspectives.

• Sweden from German and Chinese perspectives.
• Gender equality: good but could be better.
• Taking your shoes off when you enter someone’s home.
• Swedish service for youth.
• Advanced technology.
• Cash, credit cards and payment apps.
• Cardamom buns, chocolate balls and the Swedish semla bun
• Alcoholic beverages: only at Systembolaget
• The queuing system
• Keys and hot dogs in Sweden
• Opening hours.
• Personal identity/social security number.
• Stad i ljus, the song that ends Swedish student parties.
• A piece of advice: Get to know the Swedes!

Learn more:

Gender equality in Sweden
Cinnamon buns recipe
Personal identity number
Stad i ljus, song and English translation

Episode 4: Studying Engineering and Science in Sweden

Avsnittsbild - Fika with usStudying in Sweden is challenging but fun! Today Simona leads a conversation with first year students Adam and Likith and study counsellor Marie Carlsson about what it is like to study at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University.

• Why we chose Sweden and Linköping University.
• Hands-on assignments, case studies, seminars and exams.
• A study plan that includes social life.
• Group-oriented seminars and labs.
• Learning Swedish.
• Study advisers, master’s coordinators and Student Health Care.
• Close connection with teachers and professors.
• A piece of advice: make friends early.
• Study workload and part-time jobs.
• How to deal with new subjects.
• Contributing equally in group assignments.
• Deadlines.

Our students are studying:

MSc Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
MSc Industrial Engineering and Management

Learn more:

Sweden’s focus in group work

Episode 3: Student life in Sweden

Avsnittsbild - Fika with usObviously, there is more to student life than just studying. First year students Julia, Lingyu and Simone talk about student life. Highlights of today’s show are:

• Swedish student traditions, like overalls for each bachelor’s programme.
• Patches for overalls.
• The welcome period, Nolle-P and welcoming activities by student organisations
• Kalas, a party to welcome new students.
• Swedish language courses and Language Café.
• Close connection between students and professors
• Swedes, introvert but friendly
• Student associations for film, sports, International Students Organisation.

Learn more:

Student Associations at LiU Social life

Episode 2: Accommodation in Sweden

Avsnittsbild - Fika with usAccommodation is not only a roof above your head but a place to study, live, cook, meet friends… a home. First year students Julia, Lingyu and Simone chat about their different experiences about getting accommodation in Linköping and Norrköping.

• Accommodation offer for international (non-EU) students.
• Corridor rooms, private housing and buying an apartment.
• Areas mentioned in the show: Ryd, Lambohov, Flamman, Norrköping.
• Campus Valla and Campus US (University Hospital) in Linköping.
• Student agencies for housing and how the queuing system works.
• The best piece of advice for interested students: sign up for housing now!
• The advantage of having many second-hand stores and websites.
• Living in Norrköping and studying in Norrköping, or the other way around.
• Cooking days with friends.
• Laundry rooms and the importance of booking your laundry slots.
• Be aware of scams when looking for accommodation.
• Emergency accommodation.

Learn more:

Student Accommodation

Episode 1: Introducing Fika with us

Avsnittsbild - Fika with usThis is the first show of Fika with Us, aimed at students considering a degree in Sweden. Hope you enjoy! First year students Julia, Lingyu and Simone introduce themselves to our listeners and talk about.

• Why they chose Sweden and Linköping University.
• “Fika”, not only a coffee break but a philosophy of live.
• Perspectives on Sweden, Europe
• Happiness and work-life balance.
• How different study areas are combined in my programme and how that will benefit my future career.

Our students are studying:

BSc Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine
MSc International and European Relations
MSc Computational Social Science

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