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Welcome to the podcast Work at LiU – a podcast aimed towards international staff and visitors at Linköping University. These episodes will give you information and inspiration on living and working in Sweden and Linköping University.

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Gunvor and Peter have both been at the university for some time and eventually became part of Didacticum. They’re here today to tell you about what this group does and how they help LiU staff become better teachers.

Guest: Gunvor Larsson Torstensdotter and Peter Dalenius
Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Episodeguests Gunvor Larsson Torstensdotter and Peter Dalenius looking into the camera and smiling.

Summer in Sweden

What do Swedes do in the summer? Is it really that cold all the time? Therese was born and raised in Sweden and is here to answer all your questions about this season.

Guest: Therese Lindkvist, International Office
Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Episodeguest Therese Lindkvist is standing outside with flowers in her hair.

Konrad Smolarczyk's journey to LiU

Konrad Smolarczyk started his PhD at the Department of Management and Engineering less than a year ago. He had just one day to move from Poland to Sweden to start this new position and he’s here today to share how it all happened.

Guest: Konrad Smolarczyk, PhD student
Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
The guest Konrad Smolarczyk is smiling and looking into the camera.

Sarah Mitchell's journey to LiU

Sarah moved to Sweden 8 years ago to start a Master's program at Linköping University. She ended up staying and doing a PhD at the Child Studies group and currently works at the International Office. She’s here today to tell you all about her long journey from South Africa to where she is today.
Guest: Sarah Mitchell (International Office)
Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
The podcast guest Sarah Mitchell sitting at a table outside and smiling at the camera.

Costs of living in Sweden

This episode is all about understanding how much it costs to live in Sweden. From rent, to transportation, to groceries, to health expenses, to clothing, and to costs associated with children, Therese gave us a run-down of what to expect when moving to Sweden.

Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Guest: Therese Lindkvist, International Office

Person holding money with forest in the background.

LiU Innovation

Karin has been an innovation advisor at LiU Innovation for a few years now. She will give you some insights about what they do and also what they can do for you as a LiU staff member with an idea.

Guest: Karin Ackerholm
Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Table full with post-it in different colors.


Lucija is a PhD student at the disability research division at IBL and is also part of LiU PhD, Linköping University’s PhD student section. She is here today to tell us all about this section and how they can help you as a future PhD student at LiU.

Guest: Lucija Batinovic, PhD student at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning (IBL)
Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker
Logotype of LiU PhD

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