Green Humanities

The Seed Box

Naturen vs människan
Plant power. Charles Mann

Conventional humanities are still largely divided into nature and culture. Research at LiU aims to study the natural world, the environment and ethics in an interdisciplinary fashion, as well as how our identity is formed. The role of mankind in nature is studied in depth, as well as nature's role for and in us humans. 

One of the issues being studied is the view of nature that led to the dumping of chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea, and how and why this view has changed. How does the sense of powerlessness affect us when major environmental issues are discussed? How are we influenced by the threat from climate change and environmental disasters, and why are these generally considered to be issues for the experts?

Researchers at LiU coordinate the major interdisciplinary Mistra and Formas programme, The Seed Box. This research is carried out in close cooperation with other research groups in the EU, the US and Australia.