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About the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR

CSPR is a platform for collaborative knowledge production and dissemination to trigger and promote societal changes towards safe and just climate futures for all. Our goal is to create knowledge and methodological approaches that can support and advance national and international climate actions.

Researchers at the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR) study the challenges of climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability transformations. CSPR research encompasses global to local scales, from UN climate conferences to local governments and citizens.

We develop, share and apply insights and approaches from political science, geography, environmental humanities, visualization and communication, physics, environmental and sustainability science.

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30 March 2023


Maria Máñez Costa, Amy M. P. Oen, Tina-Simone Schmid Neset, Loius Celliers, Mirko Suhari, Jo-Ting Huang-Lachmann, Rafael Pimentel, Berill Blair, Jelmer Jeuring, Ernesto Rodriguez-Camino, Christiana Photiadou, Yairen Jerez Columbié, Chuansi Gao, Nicu Constantin Tudose, Sorin Cheval, Athanasios Votsis, Jennifer Joy West, Kaylin Lee, Len Shaffrey, Cornelia Auer, Holger Hoff, Inga Menke, Peter Walton, Susanne Schuck-Zöller (2022)



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