This data project curated a century of democracy as reflected in parliamentary speeches, making the Riksdagens protokoll available for reliable and replicable text analysis in Sweden and beyond.

Together with researchers of the VR project Welfare State Analytics, we have been working on curating the parliamentary protocols of the Swedish parliament. The material that now has been made available for analysis makes up more than a century of Swedish political discourse. This preparatory work included connecting speeches to the members of parliament from 1920 until today and providing associated metadata. Currently, the corpus contains 1 million speeches given by 6 thousand parliamentarians, an equivalent of over 800 thousand pages of oratory history. In 2022, the corpus project received an infrastructure grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond to improve its usability for researchers across disciplines. 

Open access data: Swedish parliamentary proceedings - Riksdagens protokoll 1920-2021

The curated corpus is open access and can be found on The curation process is also explained on

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