Szczot Lab

About our research

We have a broad interest in the neurobiology of sensory detection and perception.

My previous research into molecular basis of mammalian sense of touch has contributed to showing that an ion channel Piezo2 is required to change physical force into biological signal in the sense of human touch. I have also demonstrated that Piezo2 is necessary for touch evoked pain (allodynia) in both humans and mice.

Our aim is to build on those and other molecular discoveries to understand how cellular organization and representation lead to perception of various stimuli. Those will include not only ones detected on the skin but also ones perceived internally – coming from gastrointestinal tract. For interrogation of sensory system we will use various approaches in a rodent model. We will combine functional in vivo calcium imaging and electrophysiological assays with molecular genetics, viral-mediated gene expression and instrument design in a hope of developing better understanding of sensory pathologies mechanisms.