LOE is recruiting an Assistant Professor in Applied Physics with specialization in printed electronics and additive structuring of multifunctional materials for sustainability.

This recruitment is connected to the Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE). WISE, funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, is the largest-ever investment in materials science in Sweden and will encompass major efforts at seven of Sweden’s foremost universities over the course of 10 years. The vision is a sustainable future through materials science. The ultimate aim of this WISE Fellowship is to develop and enable sustainable methods, materials, and technologies with the aid of additive manufacturing.
LOE is one of the world’s leading groups at the forefront of research in organic/plastic electronics. Research themes span synthesis, materials science, devices, bioelectronics, systems, and applications. As a part of LOE, the recruited Assistant Professor will have full access to LOE’s open research environment of knowledge and expertise sharing as well as LOE’s fabrication, characterization, chemistry, and cleanroom facilities and equipment, and the Printed Electronics Arena which includes a full suite of printing and additive manufacturing tools and techniques. 
The recruitment package includes
salary for the recruited faculty member (4 years FTE during max. 5 years)
research/consumables funding
salary for two PhD students (4 years each)
salary for two postdocs (2 years each)
additional support for overheads and facilities
Full details can be found at the application link here: