A lab for exploring novel photonic and nanooptical systems.



In the Photonics Lab we explore various photonic and nanooptical systems, including conducting polymer plasmonic nanoantennas, cellulose-based optical materials, and optical cavities with dynamic structural coloration. The photonics lab provides tools to study optical and optoelectronic properties, including the possibility to probe small areas and to differentiate between properties such as absorption and scattering. 

Key features

  • Tunable light sources and lasers
  • Microspectroscopy and integrating sphere spectroscopy
  • Equipment to study harvesting of solar energy and radiative cooling

Equipment & Resources

  • Optical tables
  • Solar simulator 
  • Sky simulator
  • Integrating sphere
  • Tuneable light source
  • CW lasers
  • Pulsed laser
  • UV-VIS spectrometers 
  • Microspectroscopy setup
  • Power meters 
  • Nanovoltmeter
  • Potentiostats