Pedagogical Day 2024

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Pedagogical Day is an annual conference at LiU where teaching staff have the opportunity to exchange experiences and inspire each other on issues related to higher education pedagogy and didactics. Pedagogical Day 2024 took place March 13 at Visualization Center C in Norrköping, and the theme was (un)critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the ability to analyse, question, and understand information at a deeper level. It requires us to consider different perspectives, check information sources, and weigh up arguments before drawing conclusions. Developing skills in critical thinking is important if we are to minimise the risk of being misled by false claims and ’fake news’. By contrast, uncritical thinking can be either the passive acceptance of information without question or the belligerent skepticism that can hinder progress and understanding. A balance between critical and open thinking is therefore crucial for a well-informed and analytical perspective on the world. As educators, it is our duty to nurture students’ abilities to think critically, while at the same time being aware of any of our own tendencies toward (un)critical thinking so that we can make informed decisions.

There are many challenges and opportunities related to critical thinking that face education today: AI-generated texts, the deluge of information across various media, internet trolls and ghost writers, polarised views, and many more besides. They put critical thinking and academic integrity to the test. How should we, in our role as university teachers, handle these challenges and opportunities? How can we strengthen students’ skills in critical thinking, and perhaps even our own abilities, given these technological developments?

For the 2024 Pedagogical Day, we invited you all to a day where together we could discuss and reflect on (un)critical thinking. How can we navigate the continuous surge in technical developments that put such critical thinking to the test? By the way – did you realise that the first section is not written by us, the team inviting to Pedagogical Day 2024, but by Chat-GPT?

*Full program and abstracts for Pedagogical Day 2024 is available on the Swedish version of this page. You can change language in the top right corner.

Welcome March 13!

Keynote speakers Pedagogical Day 2024

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Photo: Mattias Bardå

Emma Frans

Emma Frans is a doctor of epidemiology, researcher at Karolinska Institutet, and science writer at Svenska Dagbladet. She has managed to create a large platform on social media by conveying critical thinking and a scientific approach in a precise and humorous way. She is also a recurring guest on TV and radio.

Emma is the author of five popular science books and has been awarded numerous prizes and accolades, including the Great Journalist Prize and the King’s Medal of the 8th size in the Order of the Seraphim.

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Photo: Maria Nilsson

Sonja Bjelobaba

Assosiate professor Sonja Bjelobaba works at the Center for Research Ethics & Bioethics and at the Department of Modern Languages at Uppsala University.

Sonja Bjelobaba is vice-chair of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) and has been coordinator of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project Bridging Integrity in Higher Education, Business and Society (BRIDGE, 2020-2023).

Pedagogical day is held at Visualization Center C