My Research: Knowledge and Learning in Project-Based Organizations

My research interest forms around knowledge and learning in project-based organizations and my research has focused (e.g.) knowledge integration in product development projects and sustained disciplinary expertise in project-based organizations where employees conduct their work in interdisciplinary project teams. Please refer to ResearchGate for a more thorough presentation of my research including both my on-going and finished research projects.

My Teaching: Projects, Organization and HRM

I enjoy teaching and engaging with the students to learn from their perspectives. My teaching is always about organizational issues: What is required for firms to innovate? What is a project and what does it entail working in projects? What are the effects on learning from different ways of organizing? Or the effect on HRM from different ways of organizing? These are a few examples of issues being at the center of attention at the courses that I am teaching. I teach at the international master’s program SMIO, the master’s program HRM/HRD and the HR program. From time to time, I also teach at our Business and Economics programs. 

Teaching in Higher Education and for Sustainable Development

Being a senior lecturer in Business Administration offers many interesting opportunities. How we can be even better at offering our student opportunities for learning is something which I consider both interesting and important. Therefore, I am part-time employed at Didacticum – LiU’s unit for teaching in higher education – where I am one of the teachers in the course Becoming a Teacher in Higher Education. I also work with issues related to teaching/learning for sustainable development.  Having been engaged in issues of sustainable development since long, I much appreciate the opportunity to work with such issues. 

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  • 2009 Senior Lecturer in Business Administration, Linköping University.
  • 2007 PhD in Business Administration, Linköping University
  • 2000 Master of Business Administration, Linköping University


  • Innovation and Project Management
  • Strategic HRM
  • Organisation theory
  • Qualitative methods
  • Tutoring of master theses

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