29 November 2016

Five researchers at LiU have each been awarded SEK 1 million per year for four years in research grants from a joint initiative by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council in energy-oriented basic research.

The call for applications in energy-oriented basic research is a joint initiative from the Swedish Research Council, which evaluates the scientific quality of the applications, and the Swedish Energy Agency, which assesses their potential to contribute to the energy transition. The call related to research grants of SEK 1 million per year, for four years.

Of the 15 research projects that received funding, five are based at Linköping University:

Feng Gao, assistant senior lecturer at the Division of Biomolecular and Organic Electronics, for research into fullerene-free polymer solar cells with high efficiency.

Elektroniskt papperPhoto credit: Thor BalkhedMagnus Berggren, professor at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, for the development of paper-based supercapacitors.

Irina Buyanova, professor at the Division of Functional Electronic Materials, for research into oxide nanostructures for efficient white light-emitting diodes.

Martin Magnusson, assistant professor at the Thin Film Physics Division, for the study of chemical bonding and electronic structures in the two-dimensional material MXene.

Jawad Ul Hassan, principal research engineer at the Semiconductor Materials Division for research into efficient high-power electronic devices.