When planning your time here in Sweden you should register with different housing companies as soon as possible. Registration is FREE of charge and without any obligations.



If you search for accommodation on your own, you should register with different housing companies offering accommodation to students as soon as possible. Once you have received your admission letter (Notification of Selection Results), you will be able to apply for rooms and apartments. 

You should register with different housing companies in order to gather queue points. After you have registered you will receive one point per day at every housing company you have registered with. It is recommended that you register with housing companies in both Linköping and Norrköping, even if you study at only one of the two campuses. It is easy to travel between Linköping and Norrköping, and LiU-students can take Campusbussen for FREE to get from one campus to another.

Many students choose an accommodation from Studentbostäder in Linköping or StudentBo in Norrköping.

Studentbostäder in Linköping

StudentBo in Norrköping

More alternatives can be found on the following pages:

Housing in Linköping

Housing in Norrköping

Fee-paying students and scholarship holders will receive assistance in finding accommodation from the International Office. Further information regarding this offer will be sent to you by e-mail.

Once your accommodation has been confirmed, make sure you know when and where you can sign the rental contract and pick up your keys. Remember that this can, in most cases, only be done during office hours.

Good to know

• The voltage in Sweden is 220 volts at 50Hz with a two-pin plug. You may need a transformer and/or adapter for your electrical appliances.
• Internet is included in some types of accommodation, not in others. Thus, you may need to set up an internet subscription. You will always have free WiFi on campus.
• All types of accommodation have a kitchen with a refrigerator, freezer and electric stove. However, kitchen utensils are not included so you will need to bring/buy your own, or borrow from others who live on the same corridor.
• It is possible to rent a parking space for a car. You can arrange this once you arrive in Sweden.

Student rooms

A student room is usually about 20 square meters, and includes a private bathroom. Several rooms are often placed in the same corridor, with a shared kitchen and living room. The rooms are fully furnished, but you will have to bring your own pillows, sheets, blankets and kitchen utensils. You will have your own part of the fridge and freezer in the shared kitchen. Many of these rooms are located in student housing areas, often just a short bike-ride from campus. The rent starts at approximately SEK 3,000/month and electricity, heating and internet is included in the rent.

Temporary accommodation

As student rooms are only available for full calendar months, you might need to stay in temporary accommodation if you have not settled in a room or flat when the term starts. There are several youth hostels in both Linköping and Norrköping. It might be difficult to get a room immediately before the term starts, so it is recommended that you book well in advance. Make sure you reach an agreement with the hostel regarding when and how to pick up your key if you arrive late in the evening. There is often a charge for bed linen in youth hostels, so make sure to bring your own if you want to save some money.


Linköping City Hotel and Vandrarhem is located in the city centre.

Mjellerumsgården is a hostel located close to Campus Valla.

More housing options in Linköping.


Turistgården is a hostel in Norrköping.

Above Hotel and Vandrarhem offers various housing options. The hostel part is located on the upper floor of the train station in Norrköping.

More housing options in Norrköping.

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