Campus cities and Östergötland

Linköping University's three main campuses are located in the region of Östergötland in the cities of Linköping and Norrköping. The two towns are in the process of developing into one integrated urban region – Sweden’s fourth metropolitan area or the Twin Cities region.

Campus Valla is located in Linköping, about three kilometres from the city centre. This is where the majority of students and researchers study and work. The University Hospital Campus (US) is also located in Linköping, at a hospital of national importance. US houses the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Campus Norrköping is located in the centre of Norrköping: about a quarter of all LiU students study here. There is also a small campus in Stockholm but no international programmes or courses are currently taught there.

Östergötland (East Sweden)

Linköping and Norrköping are situated 200/160 km south-west of Stockholm in Östergötland (East Sweden). Our region is the fourth largest county in Sweden and has about 450,000 inhabitants. The region offers not only famous tourist attractions, such as Kolmården Zoo – the largest zoo and safari park in the Nordic region – but is also one of Sweden’s most interesting counties from a historical point of view.

There are numerous ancient fortresses, rune stones and prehistoric rock carvings in the area. Churches, castles and manors from the Middle Ages and later periods have also been well preserved. Not to mention the stunning landscape of pristine lakes and rivers, forests, and bright yellow and purple fields. Visit Östergötland explains:

In south-east Sweden, less than 200 kilometres from Stockholm, a pleasant surprise awaits you – the beautiful countryside of Östergötland. Our province is packed with opportunities for a wonderful and active holiday: stay in fantastic nature, enjoy the silence and collect unforgettable holiday memories to take home. Paddle a kayak in an unspoilt archipelago, hike along marked trails or cycle along winding roads with a map and picnic in the rucksack. (Source: Visit Östergötland - Welcome to Östergötland)

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Linköping is one of Sweden’s oldest towns with a long cultural tradition. Over the past 50 years, Linköping has grown to become Sweden’s fifth largest municipality, with 160,000 inhabitants. It is home to industries specialising in many different sectors, ranging from aircraft manufacturing to emerging technologies. Several international companies such as Saab, Ericsson, IFS, Autoliv, Sectra and Cloetta have offices in Linköping. Despite its rapid growth, Linköping still has the charm of a small town. The city centre is easy to reach from Campus Valla, about a ten-minute bike ride, and offers plenty of entertainment opportunities: theatre plays, museums, concerts and “spex” – the traditional student farces. Cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs located downtown will cater to all tastes.  Here is a short film from Linköpings kommun (municipal government), that captures the heart of Linköping: 



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Norrköping, home to about 141,000 people, has a history as an industrial centre dating back to the 17th century. The old industrial area on the waterfront of Motala River in the heart of Norrköping was once famous for its cotton and paper mills. Today it has been carefully restored into a unique area that hosts, among other things, Campus Norrköping and the student union building Trappan, where students usually study, eat and socialise. In Norrköping, a common way of transportation is the tram, which has been in use since 1904. The campus and student housing are in the middle of Norrköping, at comfortable walking distance from shops, restaurants, clubs and bars. The renowned Östgötateatern is close by and the city hosts several free outdoor concerts and festivals every summer. Here is a short film from Norrköpings kommun (in Swedish) (municipal government), that captures the heart of Norrköping:



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