In China, now in rapid transition, some big challenges concern urban planning. Time-geographic methods and concepts will be used by researchers from China and Sweden to create a collaborative network on urban and regional planning. The collaboration includes senior researchers, and PhD students. The Swedish PhD-students will have opportunities to stay for a period in China and the Chinese PhD students have opportunities to stay in Sweden.

Based on the development of time-geographic methods and concepts a long term collaboration is initiated start which concerns research and education in urban and regional planning. This is timely since in 2017 a new education program on urban and regional panning will start at Linköping University. What is going on in this field in China is of special interest due to the ongoing rapid transition process. In addition to PhD student exchange, the partners will participate and give lectures in each other’s courses on urban and regional planning.

The collaboration has its origin in discussions at the 1st International Time-Geography Conference held in Linköping 2014. Collaboration between two countries with very different conditions regarding infrastructure, income levels and daily life will bring challenges and there are tools in time-geography that should be suitable to approach them.



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