Anyone who fulfils special requirements for scientific and pedagogical skills can apply for admission as a docent at Linköping University.

Docent is an academic appointment that, in addition to a doctoral degree, requires documented independent research, documented experience from teaching at different levels, and supervision of PhD students. The research must demonstrate both breadth and depth and be published in recognised journals and/or conferences, according to the publishing traditions of the subject.

Above all, the docent title is a recognition of high scientific competence and as such a step on the academic career ladder. Being a docent is also a prerequisite for undertaking certain assignments and a requirement for further promotion according to the University's employment regulations.

Normally, docentship applicants should already be employed at Linköping University (LiU). Faculties may however consider external applications from persons not currently employed at LiU. In such cases, it is a prerequisite that the applicant has an active collaboration with and can contribute to one of the faculties' research environments.

Faculty-specific information