Follow these steps to apply for appointment to docent at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at LiU. You must meet our requirements and also have the support of the subject representative professor and the head of department.

Applicants who apply for appointment to docent should normally be employed as a teacher at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University (LiU). Under special circumstances, the faculty may consider applications from persons who do not hold a teaching position at LiU.


If you meet the specific requirements for scientific and pedagogical expertise, you can apply for appointment as docent at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Appointment requirements are set out in the document Guidelines for appointment as docent at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Application procedure

You apply by filling in the electronic form below. 

Application form

Printed monographs (publications in book format) are to be sent to the coordinator, stating the case concerned. The completed application must have been received no later than ten working days before the next meeting in order for the matter to be guaranteed tp be taken up at the meeting. See meeting times of the appointments board here: (page in Swedish)

In order for the application to be processed, you must include, at the time of application, a certificate from the department and a proposal for expert(s) (see guidelines page 3-4).

For information on the application and its design, see the guidelines.

Processing of docent matters at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

After the faculty has received an application for appointment to docent, a check of the application documents is made by the coordinator of the appointment board. If any supplemental information is required, the coordinator will inform the applicant about which parts should be reviewed. Once the application is complete, it will be considered at the appointment board’s coming meeting. The board makes a proficiency assessment and decides whether the application can be sent to expert reviewer(s). The decision will be notified to the applicant, HR partner and head of department concerned.

The expert review normally takes one month from the appointment of the expert by the board to the assessment being received. After an expert assessment has been received, the matter is once again taken up at one of the board’s meetings and a decision is then taken on appointment to docent. Those concerned, including expert(s), will be notified of the decision and a docent certificate will be sent to the applicant.

If the expert’s assessment is that the applicant does not meet the requirements for docent competence, the applicant will be given the opportunity to withdraw their application. The application will otherwise be rejected.