Through studying English, you may design your own education. English consists of three parts: language, literature and culture. There is a clear focus on developing one’s own language proficiency, and an increasing emphasis on the American and British social, cultural and historical context in which the language exists, primarily in Great Britain and the USA.

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Single-subject courses may be combined in a multitude of ways. If you choose to specialize in English, the following degrees may be taken:

  • A Bachelor’s degree 180 ECTS credits
  • A one-year Master’s degree – an additional 60 ECTS

A Unique Degree

Studying single-subject courses enables you to assemble your very own education. There is great flexibility and freedom of choice and you can select coming courses while studying.

English 1, Foundation Course. First-cycle course, 30 ECTS 

English 2, Continuation Course. First-cycle course, 30 ECTS

English 3, Language and Literature. First-cycle course, 30 ECTS

English 3, Thesis, First-cycle course, 15 ECTS. 

Master’s Course in English, Second-cycle course, 60 ECTS

Language, Literature and Media, Bachelor’s Programme, 180 ECTS

Are you interested in languages and want to work with communication? Here, you will learn how the media have affected our linguistic modes of expression and conceptions of society, as well as how languages and literature operate in today’s media landscape.

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