Do you want to improve your skills in written and spoken English? Do you want to read English literature and learn about the cultures tied to the English language? Are you interested in developing your critical thinking and analytical ability? Through studying English at Linköping University, you will discover more about how literature works, how language is structured and how we use language to interact with each other and achieve different communicative goals.

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Why study English?

English is all around us, in Sweden as well as in many other countries in our increasingly globalised world. Not only is it the main language of communication in international companies and organisations, but it is also the main language of the Internet and the entertainment industry. Communicative skills are important both for our leisure-time activities and for the world of work.

There are many job opportunities for someone with documented qualifications in English, as it would be an asset for any job that involves contacts with the outside world, both in national and international organisations and companies. The following jobs are examples that are more specifically geared to working with language: a translator, communicator, journalist, writer, editor, or any other job in the media or publishing industries as well as within the education sector.

Studying English can provide a solid foundation for further studies. Regardless of whether you are interested in studying other subjects abroad or in Sweden, many such courses are run in English, with English course literature.

For students whose main interest lies in the subject English itself, it is possible to study English with us all the way up to a Bachelor’s and Magister [one-year Master’s] degree in the subject. It is also possible to go on to do a PhD within our research environment Language and Culture.


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