Can I be admitted as an exchange student?

Exchange students are selected by their home university to take part in an exchange programme, based on an agreement with Linköping University. For information on exchange programmes and agreements students should thus contact the international studies coordinator at their home university.

Do you offer Swedish language courses for exchange students?

For exchange students who wish to apply for credited courses in Swedish, there is a full-time beginner's course of 7,5 credits in August and a part-time evening course of 7,5 credits running throughout the semester. Fill in your choice on the application form for exchange studies.

It is also possible to study Swedish online. See information about Swedish language studies at Study in Sweden's website.

How much is the cost of living for a student?

A Swedish student usually requires approximately 9,500 SEK per month (amount valid 2023). Non-EU students must prove to the Swedish Migration Agency that they have enough money to support themselves throughout the planned study period, with a minimum amount of currently 9,500 SEK per month for ten months of the year. The sum does not include expenses for travel within or outside of Sweden, medical care, course literature or expenses for household furnishings.

Is it possible to study and work part-time?

Students from Nordic, EU and EEA countries are permitted to work in Sweden throughout the academic year. Students from other countries may work and do not need a work permit to do so provided they are enrolled at the university and have obtained a residence permit. However, full-time studies require 40 hours of work a week and are difficult to combine with part-time work. Please bear in mind that opportunities for part-time work in Sweden are limited and that most jobs require knowledge of Swedish. Read more on the Swedish Migration Agency website.

Do I need a residence permit?

EU citizens have the right to study in Sweden without a residence permit.
Nordic citizens also have the right to study in Sweden without a residence permit.
Other citizens need to, in general, apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Agency. You need to check the requirements at the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage.

When is the application deadline for exchange students?

15 April for the autumn semester
15 October for the spring semester

How do exchange students find accommodation in Linköping or Norrköping?

Exchange students can apply for accommodation when submitting the online application form for exchange studies. Please note: Linköping University cannot guarantee a room for all applicants. In the autumn term approximately 75-80% of the exchange students will receive a room via the university, while in the spring term approximately 90% will receive a room via the university. It is very important that applicants also search for accommodation on their own. The sooner you start your search the better the chance to find something.

When does the academic year start?

The academic year consists of two semesters. The autumn semester usually runs from the middle or end of August to mid-January and the spring semester from mid-January to the beginning or middle of June. There is usually a teaching break of two or three weeks at Christmas.

When will be the perfect time for my arrival?

Exchange students should arrive in Linköping/Norrköping in time for the orientation programme or at the latest for the course start.
The orientation programme offers important information about studies and student life. You can find information about the welcome period here.