You can make an interlibrary loan request for material that you need for your studies or your research, if the material isn't already in the library collections. You can also submit a purchase request.

You can use this service if you belong to one of the following user categories:

  • Student at LiU
  • Employee at LiU
  • Student at another university and, at the same time, registered user at Linköping University Library

Interlibrary loan prices

See the library pricelist for current fees:


How to make a request

This is how you submit a purchase suggestion or an interlibrary loan request:

  1. Check first if the material is already available at Linköping University Library, in the library's search service UniSearch. It might also be worth to look for the material elsewhere (e.g. Google), since, in some cases, the material is freely available online.
  2. When you have verified that the material isn't already available, please use one of the forms linked to below to fill in and send your request.

Request books and articles

Get It Now interlibrary service

LiU employees have access to the interlibrary service Get It Now. With Get It Now, you can have an article delivered as a PDF to your email.

This is how it works

  • Search for an article in UniSearch or one of the other library search services
  • Click on ”LiU Full Text”
  • Select Request document from Get It Now

The document is delivered within an hour or so to your LiU email. Note that Get it Now costs the library significantly more than the normal interlibrary service which delivers articles in most cases within 24 hours.

Search library collections

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