Provides knowledge in biology, in particular with regard to environmental surveillance, conservation biology, animal welfare, evolution genetics, and domestication processes.

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Biology has four subject areas:

  • Biology with specialisation in Ecology
  • Biology with specialisation in Ethology
  • Biology with specialisation in Genetics
  • Biology with specialisation in Zoology

Ecology studies wetland organisms, ecology and function, conservation biology and biological environmental monitoring. Research in the subject area focuses on applied ecology.

In Ethology, animal behaviour is studied. Research in the discipline focuses on applications of the subject in various forms of animal husbandry (animal welfare in agriculture and zoos, ethology and conservation biology).

Genetics covers gene function, regulation and evolution, from the molecular level up to the individual and population level. Research in this field focuses on domestication processes, genetic systems, life history phenotypes, and evolutionary and population-genetic issues.

In Zoology, studies are focused on animals from the perspective of the animal itself (anatomy and physiology), as well as animal interactions with the environment and other species. Zoological research in this field focuses on basic studies of the cardiorespiratory physiology of birds, sensory physiology, and applied studies of animal welfare and conservation biology in zoos.

Study syllabus

General study syllabus for Biology (pdf)


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