The PhD programme at the Department of Gender Studies is a 4-year-programme of full-time study (240 ECTS credits) leading to a PhD degree in Gender Studies.

Financially justifiable teaching and research fellowships may enable an extension of the time to complete the degree with up to 1 year. The PhD programme at the Tema Institute (including the programme in Gender Studies) is interdisciplinary, entails full-time work, and requires regular on-campus attendance.

Aims of the PhD Programme in Gender Studies 

To work in an interdisciplinary and thematic way provides good possibilities for developing research which treats gender as a complex and changeable phenomenon which has a cultural and social significance that transgresses the theoretical and empirical frameworks of single disciplines and fields of study. Much attention is given to the development of theories and methodologies in a cross-disciplinary perspective.

Against this background, the aims of the doctoral programme are defined as follows:

  • to give students broad and in-depth gender-analytical, gender-methodological and gender-theoretical knowledge at a high international level which consequently takes into account intersections of gender and other social and cultural divisions and categorizations.
  • to prepare doctoral students for independent work within research and development activities which intend to analyse scientifically gender-representations, gender-identities, gender-relations and gendered power differentials in societally relevant transformative perspectives, and in an intersectional interplay with other sociocultural categorizations and power differentials.
  • to give doctoral students the scientific competence to carry out qualified, professional analyses of gender issues, and to be able to handle such issues in untraditional and innovative ways in different types of scientific and other academic work.



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