Since its start 1996, the Forum Scientium graduate school has made study visits each year, both to companies and research departments in numerous cities abroad and in Sweden.

Forum Scientium Study Visit 2017 London Imperial College.As around 75% of the PhD:s from Forum Scientium will have a professional career outside academia, the study visits are an important part of the career planning for our PhD-students.

For full programs and contact details (in PDF format), please see the bottom of the page.

List of visits

Heidelberg and Mainz, June 2019

  • EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg
  • German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
  • Molecular Biology at Heidelberg University
  • Applied Physical Chemistry at Heidelberg University
  • Cancer Immunotherapy at DKFZ in Mainz

Södertälje, Stockholm and Uppsala, May 2018

  • AstraZeneca, Södertälje
  • RISE Electrum Laboratory, Kista
  • Svensk Medicin AB
  • GE Healthcare and the Testa Center, Uppsala
  • Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA or Läkemedelsverket), Uppsala

London, Cambridge and Oxford, May 2017

  • Imperial College, London, Research group of Prof Molly Stevens
  • Applied Biomedical Engineering Group at University College London (UCL)
  • Galvani Bioelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical Biophysics Group, King´s College, London
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, London
  • Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton
  • Medical Research Council-Laboratory of Molecular Biology, MRC-LMB, Cambridge
  • Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
  • MRC Harwell, Oxford
  • Advanced Bioprocessing Center at Brunel University, London
  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Gothenburg, May 2016

  • Smart textiles, Swedish school of Textiles, Borås 
  • SP Food and Biosciences, Gothenburg
  • AstraZeneca AB, Mölndal
  • Carl Zeiss AB and Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) at Sahlgrenska
  • Insplorion AB, Gothenburg
  • SP Medical Devices, Gothenburg
  • 3D Bioprinting, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
  • Arcam AB, Mölndal

Scotland, May 2015

  • Institute for Bioengineering, University of Edinburgh
  • Scottish Microelectronics Centre, University of Edinburgh
  • Trust Center for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh
  • Biomedical Engineering, University of Glasgow
  • Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  • Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee
  • Fingerprints Proteomics Facility, University of Dundee
  • Division of Signal Transduction Therapy, University of Dundee
  • Imaging Facility, University of Dundee
  • Institute of Medical Science and Technology, University of Dundee

Heidelberg, May 2014

  • German Cancer Research Center: Cell and TumorBiology
  • Heidelberg University - Applied Physical Chemistry and Surface Science
  • European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
  • Heidelberg University - Biophysical Chemistry
  • Heidelberg University - Molecular Biology
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Biointerfaces International Graduate School
  • The Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz
  • Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Molecular Electronics, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz

Copenhagen, May 2013

  • Biotech Research and Innovation Center
  • Danish Stem Cell Center
  • Denmark Technical Universit
  • Institute of Sports Medicine
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Glycom A/S
  • The Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • Radiometer A/S
  • Clinical Research Center

Boston, May 2012

  • Harvard - Prof. Charles Lieber 
  • MIT- Langer Lab 
  • Harvard - Hemostasis and Thrombosis 
  • Harvard-MIT - KarpLabWork with stem cell engineering and biomaterials (self-assembling drugs) 
  • MIT - David H. Koch Institute 
  • Harvard - Cancer vaccine center 
  • Harvard - Center for Neurologic Diseases 
  • Harvard - Department of Surgery 
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute 
  • Harvard - Center for Nanoscale Systems 
  • Harvard - Mundel lab 

Stockholm, October 2011

  • AstraZeneca, Södertälje
  • Bergenstråhle & Lindvall
  • Neuronic Neuronic Engineering Engineering Engineering, KTH
  • Episurf Medical
  • The Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Perimed AB
  • Acreo
  • Attana

Zürich, May 2011

  • Surface Science and Technology, ETH - Professor Nicholas D Spencer
  • EMPA, ETH - Professor Gabor Kovacs
  • Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, ETH - Professor Erick M Carreira
  • Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics - Professor Janos Vörös
  • Division of Psychiatry Research, University of Zürich
  • SuSoS (Surface Solutions) AG, Dr Sammuele Tosatti
  • Functional Genomics Center Zürich, Professor Ralph Schlapbach
  • Neurobiology Hoffmann - La Roche, Per-Ola Freskgård
  • Computational Biology, ETH - Professor Dagmar Iber

Norrköping, June 2010

  • Organic electronics, ITN
  • Printed electronics
  • Visualisation centre

Cambridge and London, May 2010

  • Professor Steve Ley, Innovative Technology Centre, Department of Chemistry
  • Professor Sir Richard Friend, Cavendish Laboratory, Optoelectronics group
  • Professor Chris Dobson, Department of Chemistry, 
  • Cambridge Display Technology (CDT)
  • Graduate school of life sciences
  • Professor Chris Lowe, Institute of Biotechnology
  • Mario de Bono, Mike Gait, Philipp Holliger, Daniela Rhodes and William Shafer, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Professor Molly Stevens and Professor David McComb, Imperial College

Linköping, November 2009

  • National Board of Forensic Medicine, 

Dublin, May 2009

  • Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI)
  • Physiology at the University College Dublin (UCD)
  • Protein folding at the Trinity College
  • Clinical Research Centre (CRC) at Beaumont Hospital
  • Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI) at UCD, Belfield
  • UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research
  • Synthesis and Chemical Biology at UCD, Belfield
  • BiancaMed and NovaUCD
  • Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI)
  • Cellix Ltd
  • Trinity Centre of Bioengineering (TCBE) at Trinity College

Stockholm, April 2009

  • Eli Lilly
  • The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI)
  • Biosensor Applications
  • Neuroscience KI
  • Silex Microsystems

Munich, June 2008

  • Technische Universität München
  • Max Planck Institute
  • Roche
  • The European Patent Office (EPO)

Turku, May 2007

  • Turku Science Park
  • Orion Pharma
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Turku Centre for Biotechnology
  • National graduate school in informational and structural biology (ISB) division for biochemistry and Pharmacy, Biocity

Gothenburg, September 2006

  • AstraZeneca, Mölndal
  • Presentation of GöteborgBio by Eva-Carin Tengberg
  • Artimplant
  • Mölnlycke Healthcare
  • Carlsson Research
  • Applied Physics, CTH, Sofia Svedhem

Cambridge, May 2006

  • Cambridge Research Laboratory of Epson - Dr Thomas Kugler
  • The Wellcome Trust Gurdon Institute - Dr Karin Edoff
  • The Cavendish Laboratory - Prof Richard Friend
  • Department of Genetics (Zoology) - Dr Matthias Landgraf
  • The Medical Research Council - Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Protein folding - Prof David Lomas, Prof Sir Christopher M. Dobson
  • Graduate School of Biological, Medical and Veterinary Sciences
  • Department of Biochemistry - Prof Richard Farndale
  • Institute of Biotechnology (Biosensors and Biomaterials)
  • Imperial College London

Linköping, November 2005

  • Tekniska Verken

Copenhagen and Lund, June 2005

  • Christian Hansen
  • Novo Nordisk
  • BioImage
  • Bone Support
  • BioInvent

Norrköping, March 2005

  • SMHI
  • NVIS (VR-lab)
  • Acreo

Stockholm and Södertälje, November 2004

  • Vetenskapsrådet
  • Affibody
  • Acreo
  • Perimed
  • AstraZeneca R&D Södertälje

Cambridge and Oxford, June 2004

  • Anton van der Merwe's Molecular Immunology Group
  • Cambridge Display Technology
  • Cambridge Research Laboratory of Epson
  • Celltech R&D
  • Graduate School of Biological, Medical and Veterinary Sciences
  • ISIS
  • The Cavendish Laboratory The Opto electronics group
  • The European Bioinformatics Institute
  • The Medical Research Council - Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • The Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
  • The Structural Genomics Consortium

Linköping, June 2004

  • Swedish National Forensic Laboratory (SKL)

Uppsala, December 2003

  • Ångström Solar Center
  • Biacore AB
  • Åmic AB
  • Amersham Biosciences

Copenhagen, May 2003

  • AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical R&D, Hosts: Christina Jungar and Peter Billsten
  • Alligator Bioscience, Protein optimization by the FIND technology, Host: Patrik Höjman
  • Scandinavian Micro Biodevices, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of biochips for life science, Host: Ole Kring (CEO)
  • Novozymes Biopharma, Bioprocess technology of biopharmaceuticals, Host: Christian Cimander

Gothenburg, November 2002

  • IMEGO Sensor development and applications. Host: Anatol Krozer
  • QSense QCM-D sensor development. Mattias Rudh
  • AstraZeneca Drug research. Sofia Svedhem, Mathias Liljeblad & Kenny Hansson.

Norrköping, June 2002

  • SMHI
  • NVIS, Campus Norrköping ("Virtual Reality")

Linköping, December 2001

  • Tekniska Verken

Linköping, November 2001

  • Thin Film Electronics

Helsinki and Åbo, June 2001

  • VTT Industrial Biotech
  • Valio
  • Viikki graduate school in Bioscience, Helsingfors
  • BioTie Therapies Oy, Åbo
  • Juvantia Pharma, Åbo
  • HormosMedical Oy Ltd

Linköping, November 2000

  • Statens Kriminaltekniska Laboratorium, SKL

Oslo, June 2000

  • Nycomed Amersham, Oslo, Jo Døhl, Adm.sjef Research
  • Matforsk, Ås, John-Erik Haugen
  • Norsk Hydro, Porsgrunn (Telemark), Dag Holmer, informationschef för Hydro Porsgrunn Industripark

Linköping, February 2000

  • Nordic Sensor Technologies (NST), Mjärdevi Teknikpark, Muriel de la Pinsonnais

Kisa, November 1999

  • Duni AB

Köpenhamn-Roskilde, June 1999

  • Medicon Valley Academy
  • DAKO A/S
  • Chr. Hansen A/S
  • Radiometer A/S
  • Leo Pharmaceuticals A/S
  • Risø forskningscenter (Roskilde)

Norrköping, November 1998

  • Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut SMHI
  • Campus Norrköping

Uppsala and Stockholm, June 1998

  • BiaCore AB
  • Uppsala Science Park
  • Professional Genetics Laboratory AB
  • Cavidi Tech AB
  • SkogForsk - Stiftelsen Skogsbrukets Forskningsinstitut
  • Uppsala universitet, JRDC/PET-Centrum
  • Pacesetter AB
  • IVL - Institutet för Vatten- och Luftvärdsforskning

Lund, October 1997

  • Astra Draco
  • MAX-lab

Gothenburg, June 1997

  • The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK)
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Chalmers, Applied Physics
  • Astra Hässle

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