Information regarding Linköping University Library’s Acquisitions Policy and how we handle legal deposit material, gifts and donations.

Linköping University Library’s Acquisitions Policy is permeated by a user perspective. The library’s mission is to provide LiU users access to information for learning and research purposes. Required reading related to courses given at Linköping University shall be available at the campus library where the course is given. The library also offers a wide variety of electronic resources independent of campus and available to many users simultaneously.

Legal deposits

Linköping University Library is one of seven libraries in Sweden that according to the Law of Legal Deposits receives without charge one copy of every document or publication intended for distribution in Sweden. With no obligation to preserve every document, we are able to make a selection of what legal deposit material we add to our collections. The selection is mainly decided by research and teaching needs at Linköping University. For more information see:
The National Library of Sweden

Gifts and donations

We do not accept gifts and donations. Linköping University Library does not have sufficient resources to handle donations in an effective manner. Our primary function is to provide services for quick and efficient delivery of resources that are requested by our patrons.

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