Course text books

The library provides the books you need for your courses as either copies available for check out or as textbook reference copies which can be used in the library or the close proximity. 

Text book policy

Effective 2006, revised in May 2018

• Text books shall be available at each campus library corresponding in accordance with course's location

• For each mandatory textbook title there should be one textbook reference copy and at least one copy for check out in a current print edition. If possible, the library will also     provide an electronic version. 

• Additional resources for further reading, related to courses may be provided. This literature is purchased through the library's Acquisitions team, in consultation with students and course coordinators.

Purchase suggestions

We welcome purchase suggestions and encourage course coordinators to always forward current reading lists to the library. Open Access publications and e-books are especially suitable for course literature as they can be available across campuses and accessible to many readers simultaneously. 

Textbook reference copies

As a LiU-student you have access to textbook reference copies. These can be checked out on short term and must be returned the same day you borrow them. The spine of these copies are marked with red labels “REFKURS”. If such a loan is not returned within the day you will be charged a 200 SEK fine.

Campus Norrköping Library

On Campus Norrköping, reference copies of textbooks are placed on the shelves with the regular library books, within each subject area and first in order after the ordinary reference books. You are allowed to use reference copies of textbooks in the library or check them out as long as they are returned before the library close for the day.

Medical Library

At the Medical Library, the reference copies of textbooks are located on the shelves with the rest of the library books. You can use them in the library, or, after consulting library personnel, in the silent reading room on floor 9 or in Clinicum.

Valla Library

Textbook reference copies are placed by the information desk (3rd floor i Studenthuset). You allways have to check them out and are allowed to use them in the library or another place on campus. You have to return a textbook reference copy the same day you borrow it.

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