The information applies to, for example, guest teachers, lecturers, opponents and other temporary assignments.

Welcome! We hope you will enjoy your stay here. To make it easier for you, we have collected information and forms to use after the completion of your assignment. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you.

Forms and information

Guide to assignment details and expenses

Register bank account for receiving payment

Use the form Registering an account in Swedbank's account register

Fill in

  • your personal details (name and address)
  • BIC/SWIFT-address of your bank
  • provide you bank account number, or if your account is in Europe, your IBAN. Transfers to certain accounts require additional details
  • sign

Assignment details

External lecturer, opponents and experts
Use the form Compensation for temporary work or assignment

Fill in

  • personal data
  • period of the assignment
  • contact person at the department

SINK - special income tax for residents living abroad

If you live in another country and work in Sweden, you normally pay tax in Sweden for the income from work. We can apply for special income tax (SINK) on your behalf.

Good to know: You can apply for special income tax for a maximum of one calendar year at a time.

Use the form Special income tax on non-residents (SINK 2024)

Fill in
• complete your personal details
• information about your stay(s) in Sweden
• sign (page 2)

• A copy of your passport

Travel expenses

When you have had an expense, use the form Travel reimbursement form. We reimburse expenses for tickets and accommodation. Not food.

Fill in

• personal data

• information about your trip (page 1)

• expenses (page 2)

• sign


• receipts and tickets in original (A copy is not enough, but if you only have the receipt by e-mail, a printout will suffice.)

• does it show that you paid? (If you do not have a receipt, you can attach a bank statement showing the transaction.)

Submit forms and attachments

Send forms, tickets and receipts to

Institutionen för Tema
Name of your contact person at the department
Linköpings universitet 
Institutionen för Tema
581 83 Linköping