How to pay your tuition fees

Tuition fee payments are made in instalments before each semester begins on a set deadline. Linköping University (LiU) accepts one semester’s tuition fees at a time.

Note: This article is only applicable to fee-paying students. If you are unsure whether you are required to pay tuition fees for your studies at LiU, please read our article on fees:
Application and tuition fees

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There are two ways to pay your tuition: via credit card or by bank transfer.

Online payment using a credit card 

To pay with a credit card, go to the Pay-Online service below. VISA and MasterCard are accepted in the online payment service.

Your bank must have 3D secure version 2 in order for you to make your card payment. It is an extra security that was introduced on 1 January 2021 that some banks outside the EU have not updated.

To enable us to match your payment with your application, please make sure to use your University Admissions application number as your reference number.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment transaction must include the following information, to enable us to match your payment with your application: first name, surname, and your University Admissions application number.

Bank transfer can take a long time. Please follow these steps carefully:

1. Inform your bank about the deadline for payment and that Linköping University must have received your payment by the deadline.

2. Make sure that the transferred amount covers the tuition fee in SEK, regardless of any bank or exchange fees that may apply. Students are expected to meet the tuition fee costs at the SEK value, no shortfalls due to exchange fee fluctuations may arise.

Bank information
Name of bank: Danske Bank
Address of bank: Box 7523, SE 10392 Stockholm
IBAN: SE13 1200 0000 0128 1011 7713
Account no: 12810117713
Beneficiary: Linköping University
Address of LiU: SE 58183 Linköping

If you are paying tuition fees from a Swedish bank, use our bankgiro account: 5050-0016.

Confirmation of Payment

As soon as your payment has been registered by Linköping University, you will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail. 

Application for a residence permit and tuition fees

Until you have paid your fees, any application for a residence permit to Sweden is incomplete. You should pay your tuition fees before you apply. It can take around three months for the Swedish Migration Agency to process an application for a residence permit. The Swedish Migration Agency will see in their system that your tuition fees are paid when they open your application.

Scholarship holders

If you have been granted a partial LiU International scholarship of 25-75%, pay the outstanding amount following the instructions above and then apply for a residence permit. When applying for a residence permit, attach the PDF showing recipients of the scholarship to your application to the Swedish Migration Agency (this will be posted to the LiU International Scholarship page).


If you are a recipient of a scholarship from the Swedish Institute, the information will be passed to LiU directly and you do not need to pay any tuition fees. Please apply for a residence permit as soon as you have received confirmation of your scholarship.

When to pay

* If you are offered admission in April: 

Newly admitted degree students will receive an e-mail with instructions regarding tuition fee payment, in mid-April, shortly after being accepted. No invoices will be issued.
The payment must be received by LiU no later than 1 June.  We encourage you to pay as soon as possible after receiving your admission result so that you can start applying for a residence permit.

* If you are offered admission in July or later:

You must pay your tuition fee within 10 days of receiving your admission offer. All necessary information will be included in your notification on your account at, no separate email will be sent out.

It is very important that you pay your tuition fees by the deadlines specified. The full amount must be paid within the deadline, division into further instalment is not accepted. If LiU has not received your payment by the payment due date, you will lose your study offer at Linköping University. Please note that bank transfers can take a long time.

As soon as your payment has been registered by LiU, you will receive a payment confirmation message by email. 

Future payments

Once you are an enrolled student, you will need to pay tuition fees for each semester in advance. The payment must be received by LiU by the set deadlines. The full amount must be paid within the deadline, instalments are not accepted.

Here are the tuition fee deadlines for a two-year programme, for your reference:

  • Semester 2 tuition: 15 December
  • Semester 3 tuition: 10 August
  • Semester 4 tuition: 15 December

Enrolled students will receive an invoice via email for the following semesters. If you have not received an invoice one month before the deadline, you should contact, or pay by following the instructions under Payment options (below).

Please note, that students who do not pay their tuition fees for subsequent semesters by the deadlines will be suspended.


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Master's Programmes, 1-2 years

First instalment SEK

Adult Learning and Global Change


Aeronautical Engineering


Ageing and Social Change 40,000

Applied Ethics


Applied Ethology and Animal Biology


Biomedical Engineering


Business Administration


Chemistry 63,000

Child Studies


Communication Systems


Computational Social Science


Computer Science


Cybersecurity 63,000



Ecology and the Environment


Electronics Engineering


Ethnic and Migration Studies


Experimental and Medical Biosciences


Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change


Industrial Engineering and Management


Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics


International and European Relations


Materials Physics - for Nano and Quantum Technology 


Mechanical Engineering


Outdoor and Sustainability Education


Protein Science 63,000

Science for Sustainable Development


Statistics and Machine Learning


Strategic Urban and Regional Planning 47,500

Sustainability Engineering and Management


Bachelor's Programme, 3 years

First instalment SEK

Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine



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