The tuition fee can be refunded if a student is prevented from commencing studies, for example if a student is not granted a residence permit.

The day before the roll call is the last day to apply for a refund. You must submit your request by 23:59 CET the day before the roll call. Any requests for a refund received on or after the day of the roll call will most likely be rejected.

To receive a refund you must submit a document to prove that your application for a residence permit was rejected, or that you have withdrawn your application for a residence permit.


Students who got an exemption from attending the mandatory roll call will not receive a refund.

How to apply for a refund

In order to be considered for a refund, please submit a “Request for Refund” form with any supporting documentation to LiU’s Admissions Office via email to:

Normally, the refund decision will be made within 30 days of the form being submitted. Further handling time by the banks may apply, depending on which country the money is sent to. Bank transfers can take a long time, up to 4 months.

Refund Request Form

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