Russia has invaded Ukraine. Below we have gathered Linköping University’s news and other information relating to the war.
Ukranian flag Photo credit Vasenka Photography CC BY 2.0

News about the war in Ukraine

Students sitting in a stair indoors.

LiU supports Ukrainian students to continue their academic journey

LiU embraced eight Ukrainian students amidst the ongoing war. With the Erasmus+ scholarships, their academic journey continued, defying adversity.

Teacher from Ukraine in lecture hall

LiU shares digital knowledge with teachers from Ukraine

The use of digital tools is crucial to the Ukrainian universities during the current war. This according to Tetiana Kuvaieva, who teaches at Dnipro University in Ukraine and participated in a network conference at LiU within the EMDIAC project.

Students in Ukraine that are studying in the light of a flash light during blackout.

Research and teaching in the shadow of war

It is important to continue teaching and research when a country is at war – it is not easy, but it is possible. Professor Tetiana Mamatova from Ukraine, Dnipro University of Technology, visited LiU to learn more about digital tools. Read her story.

Other information

Students with questions about study transfer to LiU

We do not make any exceptions to the admission procedure due to the situation in Ukraine. Students with the correct eligibility can apply for admission to semester one of our programmes and, after admission, apply for a transfer of credits from the Ukrainian study programme. The application of transfer of credits is then assessed by an expert. This can not be done in advance.

Courses and programmes at LiU

Here you can find information for Ukrainian citizens about studying in Sweden and getting your educational qualifications assessed.

For newly arrived from Ukraine

Support for threatened scholars from Ukraine

Scholars at Risk is an international network protecting scholars and the freedom to think, question and share ideas. Linköping University is one of more than 500 member institutions. Threatened scholars can apply for protection by the Scholars at Risk programme by using the safe form on the SAR website.

Scholars at Risk, Swedish section

Apply for assistance via the SAR form

Several Swedish higher education institutions and research funding bodies are offering different types of support to researchers and doctoral students from Ukraine. Here Swedish Research Council gathers information about current support initiatives.

Support initiatives