24 February 2022

Linköping University wishes to show its solidarity with the people and democracy of Ukraine following Russia’s ongoing invasion.

Ukranian flag
Vasenka Photography CC BY 2.0
In the course of today, the University Management has activated a special working group that is following the situation and mapping the university’s contacts with Ukraine, Russia and other countries in the region.

“Times of crisis are a test for us all, and we must now stand united behind our fundamental values, the value of democracy, and the freedom of universities”, says Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson. “We also want to show our support for the Swedish government’s strong condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

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Tre persons in lab coates.

Better neutron mirrors can reveal the inner secrets of matter

An improved neutron mirror has been developed by researchers at LiU by coating a silicon plate with extremely thin layers of iron and silicon mixed with boron carbide. It paves the way for better studies of materials.

Lonely child in silhouette.

Lack of guidelines on care for children subjected to sexual abuse

Only half of 34 surveyed European countries have national guidelines on how to provide health care and treatment to children who have been subjected to sexual abuse. This is shown in a study led by researchers at Barnafrid at Linköping University.

Portrait of professor Gustav Tinghög.

Researchers overestimate their own honesty

The average researcher thinks they are better than their colleagues at following good research practice. They also think that their own research field is better than other fields. This is shown in a new study at Linköping University.