The Divison of Solid Mechanics offers a wide range of courses on the Master level, as listed below


Course code Course name Credits Notes
TMHL03 Mechanics of Light Structures 6 for M, Y, Yi, MEC, AER
TMHL19 Advanced Material and Computational Mechanics 6 for M, MEC
TMHL26 Aircraft Structures - project course 6 for AER, M
TMHL41 Continuum Mechanics 6 for M, MEC, AER
TMHL61 Damage Mechanics and Life Analysis 6 for M, I, Ii, MEC, AER
TMHL62 The Finite Element Method; advanced course 6 for M, MEC, AER
TMME11 Road Vehicle Dynamics 6 for M, I, Ii, MEC, AER
TMME14 Machine elements, second course 6 for M, DPU, MEC, AER, MI
TMME19 Mechanics, second course 6 for M, DPU, AER
TMME40 Vibration Analysis of Structures 6 for M, I, Ii, MEC, AER
TMME50 Flight Mechanics 6 for AER, M, MEC
TMME64 Biomechanics, basic course 6 for M
TMMS07 Biomechanics 6 for BME, DPU, EMM, KEB, MED, M, TB, Y, Yi, MEC
TMMS11 Models of Mechanics 6 for M, I, Ii, Y, Yi, MEC
TMMS20 Structural Optimization 6 for M, I, Ii, MEC, AER
TMMS30 Multi Body Dynamics and Robotics 6 for M, Y, Yi, MEC, AER
TMPM07 Project Course Advanced - Applied Mechanics 12 for M, MEC


Acronyms: DPU = Design and Product Development, M = Mechanical Engineering, I = Industrial Engineering and Management, EMM = Energy, Environment, Management, Y = Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, MI = Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc., MEC = Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., AER = Aeronautical Engineering, M.Sc., BME = Biomedical Engineering, M.Sc., KEB = Chemical Biology, MED = Biomedical Engineering, TB = Engineering Biology

Detailed course information is found in the study information pages under the Additional documents tab.

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