May 21‐22 the LINK‐SIC Competence Center arranged a two‐day workshop about theory, applications, and software for optimal control.

LINK-SCI WORKSHOP 2018 at Linköping University with Dr Joris Gillis, KU LeuvenPhoto credit: Karl ÖfverströmLINK-SCI WORKSHOP 2018 at Linköping University with Dr Joris Gillis, KU LeuvenDr Joris Gillis, KU Leuven. Photo credit: Karl ÖfverströmThe workshop was based on the open source project CasADi, and presented theory and methods around formulation and numerical solution of various types of optimization problems appearing within control, planning and estimation in nonlinear dynamical systems.

The workshop was led by Dr Joris Gillis, KU Leuven, who is one of the developers of CasADi. The workshop was a mix of lectures presenting the theory and hands‐on exercises where problems are solved using CasADI.

The workshop was attended by over 40 participants from both academic and industrial partners of the competence center.

Monday 21/5

9:15‐12:00 Root‐finding problems ‐ exercise on newton‐method using CasADi's jacobian Nonlinear programming (NLP), SQP ‐ exercise on creating a simple SQP method
12:00‐13:15 Lunch
13:15‐16:00 Integration methods ‐ exercise on sensitivities of integration output CasADi nlpsol ‐ exercise on golfball shoot‐angle optimization

Tuesday 22/5

9:15‐12:00 CasADi Opti modeling ‐ exercise on hanging chain problems Optimal control (OCP): single‐shooting, multiple‐shooting methods ‐ exercise on inverted pendulum
12:00‐13:15 Lunch
13:15‐16:00 Collocation methods ‐ exercise on inverted pendulum Model predictive control (MPC) ‐ exercise on tacking MPC