If you are following science news in animal welfare and ethology, you probably know of this amazing scientist. And dedicated students are welcome to work on his projects.

Since Per Jensen’s field of research is animal behaviour, domestication effects on animal behaviour and behavioural genetics, at Linköping University (LiU) he is in charge of the Applied Ethology master’s course, and undergraduate courses in genetics and animal welfare.

Work dedication required

Per is involved in many research projects whose main objects of study are chickens and dogs. He and his co-workers carry out simulations of chicken domestication, observing gene expression and different epigenetic events. They are also observing how dog traits change during domestication, especially how dogs’ cooperation with humans develops. Students are very welcome to join these projects, both those who want to work on their thesis and those who are simply interested in the topic.

Per really enjoys his work with students. He always finds a place for them to be included in different projects, especially master’s students. When you are working with Per, you are provided with your own office space and are fully included in the decision-making processes. All he needs from you is dedication to the work.

Dialogue and teamwork

”I like that LiU is a modern university, which means that things can be changed and created. Here, everything is close together. I enjoy chatting with my students and I love the relationships we develop during our work together. I want my students to be creative and active, so I organise my courses to have an intense mixture of working programmes. We have a lot of dialogue and group tutorials, and we work as a team.” 

Per makes sure students develop during their thesis work, and believes that it’s very important to give them proper guidelines. He encourages his students to do what they want for their master’s thesis. If they want to go abroad to do research, Per helps them to find contacts and get financial support. And there are many projects abroad in which a student can get involved.

”Don't worry about the future”

According to Per, there are many opportunities open to students who complete the Applied Ethology and Animal Biology master’s programme, not only in Sweden but all around the globe.

”My students are successful scientists today. You should not worry about what you are going to do after your studies. Go where your heart leads you. If you are really interested in a topic, don’t worry about your future.”


Per Jensen was a member of the EU Commission’s scientific advisory panel for animal welfare from 1994 to 2004, and he was chairman between 2001 and 2004. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Swedish research council Formas. He is also head of the group AVIAN, a group of about 35 people who work with behavioural genomics and physiology. Last but not least, Per is a professor at LiU.


Master's Programme in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology