Biology (BIOLO)

Biology covers all aspects of life science, from subcellular molecular processes, via organisms to whole ecosystems.

Basic scientific challenges in the area concern the way in which genetic instructions influence the development of organisms, which interact and constitute a complex biological system. This is knowledge which is strongly requested from society. It influences a wide range of societal issues from the use of gene technology for altering and affecting the function of various organisms, to questions of animal welfare in modern farming and the management of species and ecosystems for biological conservation purposes.

Within Biology at IFM, research is organised in research groups, which are ad hoc associations of people working on a common scientific theme. The groups are dynamic, and can change their composition as deemed suitable by the involved people.

Research at Biology division
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The Sensory World of Mammals - Laska Group

We study the mechanisms underlying between-species differences in sensory capabilities. Which roles do genes, anatomy, ecology, and behavior play in this context? Further, we study lateralized behavior, e.g. limb preferences, in mammals.







Henriksen Group

We use populations of both wild and domestic chickens to identifying the genetic architecture underlying variation in avian brain size and composition, as well as elucidating the effects and pathways of maternal stress.








The genomic basis of feralisation and domestication - Wright Group

Our research focuses on the genetic basis of domestication, feralisation and behaviour.  We use the twin processes of domestication and feralisation to unravel the genetic basis of complex traits.

Environmental Epigenetics – Guerrero-Bosagna Group

We investigate how environmental exposures such as nutrition, contaminants or stress interfere with developmental and epigenetic mechanisms in various model organisms. Such mechanisms can consequently be involved in the origin and transgenerational transmission of phenotypic and genotypic variation.


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