Before you leave for Sweden, make sure to organise the right insurance cover for your time residing here.

Healthcare can be very expensive in Sweden without insurance. The system in Sweden may be different to what you are used to, for example, some international students are surprised to learn that rental tenants are responsible for property damage in Sweden and therefore having home insurance is very important here. 
LiU strongly recommends that you have travel insurance that covers your travel to and from Sweden, plus the time you spend in Sweden before registering at the university and after your courses have finished.

Health insurance

Fee-paying students (FAS plus)

Make sure that your health insurance is valid throughout your stay in Sweden. Medical services in Sweden are expensive if you are not covered by health insurance. A doctor’s appointment, for example, may cost around SEK 1700, but with insurance, it will only cost you SEK 150-300.

FAS+ Insurance for fee-paying students

When you have been accepted to LiU and paid your tuition fee, LiU will inform the Swedish Migration Agency about FAS+ coverage. Therefore, you do not need to provide any additional documentation regarding FAS+ insurance when you apply for a visa or residence permit. For further questions about FAS+ insurance, contact LiU’s International Office: Please note: If you bring family members to Sweden, they will not be covered by FAS+ and they will need their own insurance from your home country.

Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

If you are a citizen of Algeria, Australia, Chile, Israel, Québec (Canada) or Turkey, you benefit from a reciprocal agreement for public medical services. The agreements often only apply for urgent medical care, but you should check with your country’s health care authority what is included. You may only need to show your passport and a certificate from the social insurance office in your home country to receive care in Sweden.

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Kammarkollegiet - Terms and conditions for FAS+ insurance for fee-paying students

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Non fee-paying students (EHIC)

If you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you will receive the same medical services as Swedish citizens for urgent medical care, meaning care at a primary healthcare centre, specialist doctor or emergency room prompted by illness.

Contact your local health authority and make sure you obtain your EHIC before coming to Sweden. Medical services in Sweden are expensive without any health insurance, and without a card, you may need to pay full price. If you are not eligible for an EHIC card, you need to get international health insurance. Note that dental care is not subject to the same discounts as other types of medical care.

Planned medical care (e.g. planned operations) will need to be postponed until you return to your home country. If you are staying in Sweden for more than a year, contact the Swedish Tax Agency to get a personal identity number (personnummer). You will then receive the same health care at the same prices as Swedish citizens.

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Exchange students (Student IN)

The insurance Student IN provides exchange students insurance coverage 24 hours a day in Sweden. The term exchange student means a student who studies in Sweden in accordance with an exchange or acceptance agreement between the Swedish educational institution and a foreign educational institution.

Useful link

Kammarkollegiet - Student IN insurance

Personal injury and home insurance

Personal injury insurance

All of LiU's students registered in the Student Records System (Ladok) are covered by personal injury insurance from the Legal Financial and Administrative Service Agency (Kammarkollegiet). This insurance is paid for by LiU. It is only valid during study hours spent at the university or on work placements assigned by LiU. It is very important that you acquire complimentary insurance before leaving for Sweden to be covered.

Kammarkollegiet - Terms and conditions for personal injury insurance

Home insurance

You should arrange a home insurance to protect your personal belongings and avoid costs related to property damage, such as those caused by fire, flooding or plumbing failures - in Sweden property damage is the tenant's responsibility.
To set up a home insurance plan, contact a Swedish insurance company. The price is calculated based on the accommodation type, size and the worth of your belongings. Some companies offer discounted home insurance plans for students, and some landlords may have collaborations with an insurance company which can also give you a discounted price.