It is very important that if you plan to enter Sweden, you are legally allowed to do so. Before you arrive, you must have a residence permit or visa in place if you do not have right of residence in Sweden. If you need a residence permit, be sure to apply as soon as your tuition fee (if applicable) is paid.

If you are going to study at Linköping University (LiU) for longer than three months you will need a residence permit or a right of residence. Apply well in advance to make sure that your application is processed in time. Different rules might apply in terms of the right of residence, depending on the country you come from. Some foreign nationals must have a visa in order to enter Sweden. 

Are you an exchange student? Different rules apply to non-EU/EEA students who come within the framework of an exchange agreement. For more information, please contact the exchange student coordinators.

The Swedish residence permit for studies

Fee-paying students

Students from a non-European Union (EU) or non-European Economic Area (EEA) country, require a residence permit or a visa in order to study at LiU in Sweden. Your tuition fee must be paid before you apply for residence permit.

Students staying in Sweden for longer than three months – Residence permit

As soon as you have been admitted to LiU, start organising your paperwork to make sure everything is in order in time for your arrival.  

Step 1 – Pay your first tuition fee instalment. Your permit application will not be processed until this is complete. 

Step 2 – Apply for a residence permit. We recommend that you submit an online application via the Swedish Migration Agency’s website as this is the easiest and fastest method. It usually takes two to three months for an application to be processed. The application will not be processed until you have submitted ALL relevant documentation. If your application is not complete, it will delay the process.

Step 3 – You may be called for an interview at the Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country or the place you reside permanently.

For your application to be approved, you must:

  • hold a valid passport
  • be ready to show your passport at an embassy or Consulate General if you are outside Sweden. If you need to show your passport in person, the Migration Agency will contact you about where and when you can do so.
  • be admitted to full-time studies that require your physical presence at LiU.
  • be able to support yourself during the period for which you apply for a residence permit. The living expense requirement is at least SEK 10.314.

  • have a comprehensive healthcare insurance policy (if you have paid you tuition fee, the Swedish Migration Agency will receive information about your FAS+ insurance coverage from LiU)

More information about residence permits is available from the Swedish Migration Agency. Check out “useful links” further below to read more. 

Distance learning with on-campus meetings – Visa

Students from outside the EU/ EEA enrolled in our distance programmes cannot receive a Swedish residence permit. If face-to-face meetings on campus are part of the distance programme, you should apply for a visa instead (if this is a requirement for citizens of your country).

You can obtain either a short-term visa for an unlimited number of short visits or a long-term visa that covers several repeated visits. The visas are administered by an embassy in your home country.

If you are studying 100% via distance, you cannot obtain a student visa to come to Sweden. You can instead apply for a tourist visa for shorter visits if you would like to visit Sweden. More information about visas is available from the Swedish Migration Agency. 

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Swedish personal identity number

Staying for one year or more?

If you plan to stay in Sweden for one year or more and have a residence permit for a year or longer, you should register in the Swedish Population Register to obtain a personal identity number.

Having a Swedish personal identity number will make several things easier in your everyday life here, such as getting a Swedish bank account if you need one.

Useful links

Non-fee-paying students

Students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland

If you are a citizen or long-term resident of a country within the EU/ EEA and Switzerland, you do not need a visa to visit Sweden. If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you also have a right of residence to study in Sweden if you have sufficient means to support yourself. This means that you are allowed to study in Sweden without a residence permit.

Swiss citizens must apply for a residence permit if staying in Sweden for longer than three months, but the permit is free of charge.

Residents of EU/EEA countries should confirm their status by reading more at the Swedish Migration Agency website.

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