We carry out education, research and collaboration in social work and welfare law.
The Division of Social Work provides commissioned education, lectures, seminars, supervision of projects, and support during assessments within social welfare, in order to enable external actors to increase their expertise.

We offer services to municipalities, county councils, other government agencies, private companies, voluntary organisations, and others who are interested.

In close collaboration with other divisions within the Department of Culture and Society and other departments at Linköping University, we can offer broad and deep knowledge in many fields.

Commissioned education is tailored education that has been ordered by, for example, a company or organisation, provided by an institution of higher education. The education may be given at either first-cycle or second-cycle level, depending on what is desired.

It is not necessary that participants satisfy the general entry requirements for university studies. They may take such courses and receive the relevant credits for them if the employer considers that the participants can take full part in and benefit from the education.