Division of Social Work (SOCARB)

The division oversees education and research in the field of social work.

The field of social work addresses people's living conditions and experiences, the causes and consequences of social problems and the measures taken to address them and the questions of social vulnerability and exclusion.

Social work is an academic discipline and professional field spanning both local and global levels, across varied social sectors and concerns people in all stages of life.

The division's research is conducted in two research environments; Social Work and Welfare Law. The research areas are:

  • Children, young people and welfare institutions
  • The elderly
  • Responses to interpersonal violence
  • Transnational social work
  • Migration
  • Theory-based research in social work


The division organises the Bachelor's programme in Social Work, the Master's Programme in Social Work, free-standing courses, contract education, and third-cycle education. 


Doctoral studies



Anna Olaison, senior associate professor at the division of social work at Linköping University.

New research programme looking for solutions for dementia care

By 2050, the number of older people diagnosed with dementia in Sweden may have doubled compared to today. Providing care to everyone will be a big challenge. A new research programme will be launched at LiU to find solutions for the future.

Portrait of Christina Söderberg.

Collaboration to combat juvenile delinquency against all odds

Collaboration is seen as an important tool for public agencies tasked with helping young people at risk of being drawn into crime. But collaboration partners way too often end up being disappointed with each other and with the meagre results.

Portrait of Susanna Alakoski, author and visiting professor.

Susanna Alakoski: “I wanted to add the voice of the city suburbs to the professor’s pen”

Writing courses, discussions about burning social issues, collaborations with researchers and conversations with those living in vulnerable conditions. Her time at LiU has been filled with what engages her most: writing and social issues.

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