Linköping University in Sweden has four campuses in three cities: Campus Valla and the University Hospital Campus (both in Linköping), Campus Norrköping (in Norrköping) and Campus Lidingö (in Stockholm).

Photo credit Magnus Johansson

Norrköping and Linköping are both situated by the E4 Highway: Norrköping 160 kilometres and Linköping 200 kilometres southwest of Stockholm. Both cities have centrally placed travel centres (railway stations) with many train and bus connections. The Campus Bus connects the three main campuses (Valla, Norrköping and the University Hospital) and is free of charge for students. There is also an airport in each city. 

Campus Lidingö (Malmstens Linköping University) is located just outside central Stockholm.

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There are several other national bus and train operators.

Bus stops

There are bus services to all campuses. The University Hospital Campus and Campus Norrköping are located within walking distance of the respective travel centres.

  • Bus stops near or on Campus Valla: Universitetet, Mäster Mattias väg, Teknikringen, Forskningsbyn, Nobeltorget
  • Bus stops near or on the University Hospital Campus: US Södra entrén, US Norra entrén
  • Bus and tram stops near Campus Norrköping: Väster Tull, Söder Tull, Skvallertorget
  • Bus stop near Campus Lidingö: Larsbergs station


    Wireless networks

    As a visitor, you may need to use the wireless networks at Linköping University. The university is connected to Eduroam, an international service agreement between universities to access wireless networks. If you have an Eduroam account, you can use this on our campuses. (In case of problems, contact your home university.)

    If you do not have an Eduraom account, you can use the guest network "LiU-guest".

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    Hotels, restaurants, etc. can be found via these tourist information websites.

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